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Four New Candy Writers

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When I put out the call for more candy writers for the site at the end of October, I was immediately swamped with people who wanted to apply. After an exhaustive application process I have found four great new writers that have a serious love for candy and some serious writing skills. These four new writers will be joining our other three writers (David, Victoria, and Caitlin) plus myself to bring you the best daily candy news, views, and reviews you’ll find on the internet.

Here’s a brief introduction to each of the new writers:


Hello, fellow Candy Addicts. I’m Michelle, one of the new writers here at Candy Addict. Yes, I am in love with sugary sweets. From gum to chocolate to hard candies, I can’t seem to get through my day without indulging in a piece of candy. I’m known as a candy hoarder. I stalk the discount aisles at stores searching for clearance sales and then buy up cheap packages of candy to try out. Since I’m kind of frugal, I only have a few pieces at a time and let the rest of them sit around for awhile. Heck, I still have a box of Peeps from last Easter on my desk right now. They’re more of a conversation piece than a snack, considering they’re months old and are probably turning harder by the day. Will they survive until next Easter? I can’t wait to find out. That’s the kind of dedication I’m willing to offer for my love of candy. I’m really excited to join the Candy Addict team and I can’t wait to get started!


Hello, I am Mariko, and I am thrilled to be part of the Candy Addict team! I have been a candyholic since childhood, and I have plenty of cavities to prove it. My mother put packages of candy (often M&Ms) in my lunches every day, and I was raised to believe that candy was one of the primary food groups. I remember the Marathon bar, Bloops, and Flicks (and the commercials for those starring Bob Denver of Gilligan fame). I also remember the launches of Bubble Yum and Pop Rocks, to name a couple. I have been around the candy block, people! I am always on the lookout for new and interesting candies and look forward to sharing my unbridled enthusiasm with Candy Addict readers.


Wherever Heather goes, there is bound to be candy in some form or fashion. If you are having sugar withdrawals, just look for her. She always has some tucked away nearby. New candies intrigue her, old candies charm her. She enjoys cosplay and anime, and has a soft spot for the 80′s. Since Japanese culture fascinates her, she loves to get her hands on quirky Japanese candy (though does her best to avoid eating dried sea creatures).


Hello everyone! I’m Sera. I’m an animator/character designer by day and a candy eater/hobbyist foot photographer by night! I’ve always been a candy lover with a sweet tooth the size of Alaska (last I checked anyways). Even though my palate has gotten a little more sophisticated (my preferred chocolate now is Droste Pastilles, although I’ll kill for a Zero Bar) I still consume my daily dose of candy. I enjoy trying new candies, so I’m always on the hunt for something in hopes of finding a new favorite. My most recent finds have been the “treasures” known as Japanese candy. I hope being here at Candy Addict I will help expand your candy tasting as well as my

We look forward to hearing from the new writers! We have some big plans for the site – stay tuned!

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One Response to “Four New Candy Writers”

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    Rich says:

    Well Brian looks like you have put a sweet foursome together. Good luck to all of you and welcome aboard. You write it and I’ll read it

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