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Candy Addict interviewed at About The Blog

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Candy Addict

Just in case anyone wants to know about the man behind the candy (me), I was interviewed recently at the “About The Blog” blog and the interview just went live today. It covers some things that I don’t cover in our About page and gets a little more into the blogging aspect as opposed to the candy aspect.

Here is a sample question and answer:

Q: What awards have you received?

None, but I get readers that say they like the site – that’s good enough for me. I think maybe I should get the “Site most likely to cause a cavity” award.

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One Response to “Candy Addict interviewed at About The Blog”

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    marilyn says:

    Interesting interview! As a new blogger myself, it really helps to see what builds success. Brian has it together, so reading his responses was enlightening. My husband (a new blogger, too) and I happened to be researching credible sources for blog models and read Brian’s bio on Candy Addict last night – our conclusion was that this is a class act. The interviewer should have asked him if he’s running for President. He’d get our votes :)

    RESPONSE: Awwwww, go on! No really – go on! :)
    I have actually started to compile some tips and tricks I have learned with doing Candy Addict and have started writing them in my personal blog. I wrote the first one recently when the traffic went through the roof. I have a list of about 15 more topics to write. If you’re interested, keep an eye on MVP (or subscribe to the rss feed)


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