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Name That Candy: Fizzy, Sour, and Disgusting Color

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Name That Candy

The other day I received an email from a reader trying to remember the name of a candy she had when she was young. The only things I could think of were Zotz and WarHeads but they don’t quite meet the description below. It has stumped me, so I put it to you, the readers. Can you Name That Candy?

Recently I’ve been searching for this candy that I loved soooo much. They used to sell it at our drugstore in Hampton, Illinois about 13-14 years ago. I cannot seen to find this candy anywhere…I can’t even remember the name of it and I thought that maybe you could help me. I would appreciate it sooo much if you could. I’m not sure how popular it was, it wasn’t around for very long I know that.

There were a few different kinds, and I think that they might have even had semi-gross names. There was one kind that fizzed in your mouth, there was another kind that was super sour and there was another kind that turned your mouth this disgusting color. They were made by the same company, I know this much, as they were all stored in the same bin together and had similar packaging.

I thought that maybe I would be able to find it under weird or novelty candy, but I am having no luck at all, anywhere. I would love it so so so much if you could help me find this mysterious candy. I would be forever in your debt!

Thank you so much!!

Any ideas, readers? Post a comment below.

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93 Responses to “Name That Candy: Fizzy, Sour, and Disgusting Color”

  1. 1
    Moko says:

    Fizz Bombs!

  2. 2
    Beth says:

    Bottlecaps! they had so much promise from the marketing on the package and then you open them up and they are just bottlecap shaped smarties that are SUPPOSED to fizz but, never quite get there and whatever agent they put in to make the fizz action really destroyed the flavor, they were a mottled pastel color – not very exciting.

  3. 3
    Beth says:

    Maybe Zott’s if it turned your mouth a gross color. they came in a long tape package.

  4. 4
    katee says:

    no i know and love zotz and bottlecaps…those so are not it, but thank you for your replies. I wish that I could remember the packaging better…I think that they had like a weird looking face on it…and the packaging was white…good description right? hahaha. i wish that i remembered more about these..but i don’t. more ideas please please!!!! thank you!!! katee

  5. 5
    Moko says:

    Hmm, I remember eating Fizz Bombs, but maybe those weren’t available across the US. There was another candy called Fizzy Faces that I remember looking for a few years ago and discovered was discontinued. Thos actually had a face on the package.

  6. 6
    Tonks says:

    Now and Laterz maybe? for the weird colour anyway.

  7. 7
    Marie Nelson says:

    When I was a kid…30 years ago…we had a candy called fizzies. They were meant to dissolve in water to make a pop like drink. We always dared each other to let them dissolve in our mouths. They were pretty intense! They did turn your mouth a disgusting color, but most were not sour.

  8. 8
    carazy says:

    Sour FX had heaps of different ones

    I believe this is what you are looking for

  9. 9
    d says:

    i’m not very old, but when i was a kid (still a fair time ago) my friend used to give me this sour/fizzy/mouth-colouring powder-type candy called “spew.” because that was what you’d look like if you stuffed your mouth full of it, they even had illustrations indicating likewise. not sure if this is what you meant, but the “disgusting name” part is there!

  10. 10
    sara monkey says:

    Was it gum? There used to be this gum called Mad Dog back in the early 90′s that had a foaming powder in the middle. I used to love those! There was two similar kinds of gum (they all came in gumball form, BTW) called Tearjerkers and Cry Babies that were sour. I don’t know about the one that turns your tongue a weird color. I’m seeing something on a few websites called Tongue Splashers? I’m pretty sure that the same company made Tearjerkers and Mad Dogs. I think all of this candy is actually still sold except the Mad Dogs, which were my favorite. I really miss those…

  11. 11
    Katee says:

    What a great forum you have!! I appreciate all of the replies so much, but sadly, none of these are what I’m looking for. It’s one of those things that if I see it I will know it….If you ever come across something that you think might be it and you have the time, could you let me know? Thank you so much for posting my question..I appreciate it so much. Katee

  12. 12
    Swetkimmy says:

    Could it be tearjerkers or cry babies, or tongue splashers? The first two are sour and the last turns your tongue a different color. They are make by Concord.

    RESPONSE: Good guesses! We’ll see what she says.

  13. 13
    Ag says:

    I know this is off topic but someone mentioned “Spew” I loved that candy and I haven’t been able to find it. Does anyone know where it can be gotten? -I’ve searched it on the internet and this forum is the ONLY place I could find it.

    RESPONSE: Hmmmm…I have never heard of Spew candy. I did some searching online and found out that it is/was called “Mad Dawg Super Spew Bubble Chew” made by a company called “How Can It Be So Sour Co.” out of California. I can’t find a website for the company but I found this page that has their phone number and address so I called them but it went straight to an answering machine.

    So, I’m fairly certain Spew isn’t made anymore :(


  14. 14
    joanne says:

    I am looking for a candy – butterscotch laddies or lassies, chocolate covered butterscotch shaped like buttercreams alsways got in school out of a scotish plaid box any one know the real name or the maker ty

  15. 15
    Kirri says:

    Were they Raven’s Revenge? I used to love those- last I heard they were made by a South Californian company. They don’t even have a website.

    They were vials of powder (like pixie stick powder) candy.

  16. 16
    Barbara says:

    In response to Joanne, I too am trying to find out about Butterscotch Laddies. My uncle used to buy them at a market in downtown Baltimore when I was a kid about 40 years ago. I remember the plaid box but have no idea who the maker was. I am pretty sure the name was “Butterscotch Laddies” though.

  17. 17
    raerae says:

    where can i buy sourfx to be delivered over the internet? need to get them for my friend’s birthday – it’s important!

  18. 18
    nicole says:

    this candy is a tongue coloring fizzy candy!!!! Is this what u are looking 4?

  19. 19
    Kimmybaby says:

    Are you sure it wasnt fizzy warheads? I loved those! Grape ones were the best… you could be suckin on them and next thing ya know, theyre exploding in your mouth with fizzy sugary stuff!! Mmm (and that sounded so wrong LOL)

  20. 20
    Kim says:

    I am also trying to find the butterscotch laddies.Not to to set doubt, but I think my dad called them butterscotch lassies. I’ve been looking off and on for a year. My dad talks about this candy
    all the time. Frankly, I’m sick of hearing about it. If any one know where to find it, let me know, please. Thanks Kim

  21. 21
    Thomas says:

    The ones that turn your tongue colors are Tongue Splashers. The sour ones are CryBaby’s. I’m not sure about the last one you’re referring too though.

  22. 22
    Thomas says:

    Here is a link to the Tongue Splashers.

  23. 23
    Brandi says:

    I think you are talking about FUN DIP! It was great!!! : D

  24. 24
    jakarra says:

    i think it may be popin rocks

  25. 25
    Christi says:

    We tried a candy called “Tongue Fizzy coloring candies” by ARCOR made in Peru but haven’t been able to find them anywhere. Don’t know exactly where it came from a parade or party. My son said it was the best candy he ever had tried.

  26. 26
    pat says:

    Did anyone ever find out where you can get butterscotch lassies? I’ve been looking for years. They were hard butterscotch covered in dark chocolate and came in a plaid box. We bought them at recess in Catholic school.

  27. 27
    Ellie says:

    hey i think we might be looking for the same thing. what im looking for was from when i was young.. it was a tablet form and when you placed it in your mouth it woudl fizz. I cant remember what it was but i would love to try to find some. If you can PLEASE help me find what these are called.

    RESPONSE: Sounds like Fizzies

  28. 28
    sarah says:

    I have been looking for a similar candy. I thought they were called Fizzies, but thoes are different. Fizzies are a tablet that makes your water taste like soda. The candy I’m looking for fizzed in your mouth for a few seconds after you put it in, then teh fizz wore down, but they were little round balls of hard candy and they were wraped in clear plastic. I don’t kno what the package looked like though. I had them late 80′s early 90′s.

  29. 29
    Lisa says:

    They are called Lotsa Fizz.

  30. 30
    Marie says:

    to Joanne and Barbara,
    Those candies in the plaid Box were Butterscotch Lassies and they were the most awesome candy ever! I used to sell them by the box load back in grade school (in 1968 or ’69). If you know where they can be found, do TELL!!!!!!

  31. 31
    Miranda says:

    Hey Ellie-
    I think you and I are looking for the same product. I’m looking for Fizzies for my mom. They looked exactly like smarties, same packaging and everything. But when you put a fizzie in your mouth, it fizzes for a few seconds. Seems like most people think the only fizzies were the ones you dropped into water…..and that’s not what I’m looking for. Perhaps we can help each other look for them.

  32. 32
    Jennifer says:

    Mad Dog Spew was the super sour gum that made your mouth foam like a mad dog. Loved it! I actually found your site doing a search for it.

  33. 33
    evan says:

    tongue fizzy coloring candies made by arcor

  34. 34
    Lynn says:

    Miranda and Ellie, I am looking for the same candy please let me know if you find out what it is. It would mean a big raise to me! As my boss is pregnant and craving these…….lol

  35. 35
    Elizabeth says:

    I’m looking for Butterscotch Lassies also. The good sisters of mercy let us sell/eat them at recess in suburban
    Philadelphia in the 50′s. My aging teeth are seeking this
    delightful butterscotch center with dark choc cover. Anyone?

  36. 36
    BETTY says:

    Miranda and ellie if you google the word fizzers and look under images these are the candies your looking for they are discontinued. hope this helps.

  37. 37
    Cam says:

    Ellie, I think you are referring to Zotz. They are a hard candy that after sucking on it awhile produces a fizzy center….very similar to Fizzies. Comes individually wrapped in a string usually about 5 per string.

  38. 38
    Cam says:

    My hubby remembers a candy from his childhood that I have never heard of but am desperately trying to find for him. He said it was a stringy candy that when you put it in your mouth it fizzed up. He grew up in Texas. If anyone knows anything about a candy like this please respond.

    Thank you so much!!!!

  39. 39
    Shelby says:

    I think what you are looking for is Fizzers. I was looking for them too. I LOVED them! I prefer them over Smarties.

    Sticks of Fruity Fizz. The Original fizzy sweets, made by Swizzels Matlow

    Please Note: box of pack of 20 option is supplied in our new crystal clear bags, box of 100 option is supplied in the original box and the 3kg option is supplied in the original bag.

    Find them at:

  40. 40
    Bob says:

    Mad Dog Spew (gum) and Spew are not the same. Spew was a fruit punch flavored powder that would foam. It came in a rectangular plastic tube and had a “Spewer Viewer” so that you could watch your mouth change colors.

    I still have an empty tube but it doesn’t have the name of the company on it.

  41. 41
    kimimaro says:

    Its got to be zots.

  42. 42
    frog says:

    its not dots.. lol but im goin to google it!

  43. 43
    frog says:

    Lotsa Fizz Sour Candy (Similar To Zotz)

  44. 44
    Lotus says:

    *sigh* I found Mad Dog Spew here after searching for it too, but I have never found much information on it. I used to chew it when I was younger (I am 20 now.) The first time I chewed it, I didn’t know it foamed, so I kept swallowing it and got a little sick, but afterword someone told me about it and loved it! Used to put small stains on our driveway. *sigh* The good ol’ times!

  45. 45
    liz says:

    pop rocks? nerds?

  46. 46
    Jasmine says:

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I know ACTUALLy what you’re talkin’ about..

    Mouth washers= Is the gum that turn your teeth a different color >

    Fizz= is the hard candy with the fizz powder inside

    Warheads= Is the super sour ones


  47. 47
    April says:

    the candy you are referring to…did it come in a package that had a light bulb on it and the candy was round and fizzed if so then I have been looking for this also the blue was my favorite

  48. 48
    mary nerad says:

    pop rocks it sounds like

  49. 49
    ruka says:

    they are called tongue splashers

    or there is the mixed tub she is talking about of dye bomb sweets and fizzy sweets – called gladiators

  50. 50
    crystal says:

    Could someone please give a website to find the “tongue coloring fizz candies” from Peru. Email

  51. 51
    Sarah says:

    Spew!! The 7-11 near my elementary school sold Spew…it came in different forms, I think. I think one of them forms was in a plastic tube thingy and the spew was powder and when you put it in your mouth it went all crazy foamy. I remember it being a Thing to bring to school…

  52. 52
    Amber says:

    the sour one could be warheads i dont kno where to find them anymore

  53. 53
    Tina says:

    I’m trying to find out where I could find a candy called McSweeneys. This is a bit strange, but I don’t know what the candy looks like. It might come in a package maybe similiar to a smarties box? Maybe they’re sour candies? help please.

  54. 54
    Tammy says:

    Can someone send me the website information for arcor? They said they have what I’m looking for. I’m looking for the hard candy called Tongue Fizzies. It’s a hard candy that fizzes in the middle and turns your tongue colors. I seen 2 of them at Holloween. They are called tongue fizzies that’s their name. Thanks.

    TJ Rose

  55. 55
    tim says:

    Yeah,in the early 90′s they had candy called (Kablooies)
    that turned your mouth blue.

  56. 56
    chris says:

    There is a candy similar to this that I have been trying to find for years. They were hard candy and they turned your mouth the color of the candy. I swear they were called “Tongue Bandits” but I cant find them anywhere.

  57. 57
    ashlynn says:

    Mad Dog Super Spew Bubble Chew i think thats wut your looking for they would be super sour then in the middle of it there was powder and made your mouth fizzle plus the sour look on ur face was just a joke waiting to happen but they disapeared :-(

  58. 58
    Kenneth says:

    I have been looking for a candy I used to buy when I was younger at a trading post near our school. It was powdery, had different soda pop flavors (like root beer) and packaged in a pouch-like bag (sort of like a large kool-aid bag with sugar already added). When you put a mouthful of the powder (like pixie stix powder) in your mouth it would begin to foam as soon as it mixed with your saliva – (about 3-4 sec and keeps foaming for about 30 sec) – if you put in too much you would look like you were foaming at the mouth (it’s difficult to hold in a mouthful unless you swallow). It’s hilarious to watch someone else do it, and funny when you do it yourself. Hard not to burst out laughing. It was foaming candy, not chewing gum.

  59. 59
    Jim says:

    What is the name of the candy, it is a white creme, that is covered in chocolate and rolled in peanuts? It is killing me and I can remember nor can I find it online. It is popular and as far as I know still being made. They came in a box tray, with a dark plastic tray inside of that, there was no lid, just a clear wrap. PLS help.

  60. 60
    loki says:

    I would start a new thread, but… I think I finally found my answer here about on of my favorites – fizzers. The fizzy candy in the same shape as US smarties – those disc shaped candies wrapped in a cellophane roll. I lived in Milwaukee, WI and they were as common as the Smarties when I was a kid in the 60′s-70′s. I lost track, but then when I thought about them they were not around anymore. I now live in Utah, and no one (even WI transplants) don’t seem to remember them. I did find an IL source and will try them. Other source say they are made in the UK by Swizzles Matlow. However I really doubt that these were the same as those I found in Milwaukee in the 60′s as english candy was pretty rare and these were very common. The IL source and photo seem slightly different from the UK images. compared to (scroll down to fizzers – the Swizzels Matlow site won’t link)

    Anyway anybody know the history of these. Are they still made in the US too. I may order a few pounds from the IL source and see what they are like.

    Incidentally I also found another candy I have always mentioned from my childhood memories in Milwaukee. Candy Raisins. I never knew what they were called. They are med-light brown ‘gumdrop-like’ candies with a very unique taste – I think they tasted like corriander seeds. I did no like them but my relative would often have them out in candy dishes. I learned they are unique to the Southeastern Wisconsin area – Milwaukee in particular. Now they are made by Necco. I never liked them and when I brought them up I used them as an example of those old fashioned candies only Old Ladies liked – like rose-flavored hard candies (although I also love Candy Violets – from CHOWARD’s another childhood favorite but an aquired, sophisticated? taste).

  61. 61
    TinainFLA says:
    I too have been looking for this fizzy, sour candy to introduce to my boyfriend. I LOVED them. Along with Space Sticks – sure wish those would come back, and Lemon Thin cookies… but I digress.

    Zotz are individually wrapped and come in attached string of wrapped candies. They are hard candies that after you suck on them for a while the fizzy (almost baking soda like substance) leaks out so you have the candy favor – sourish, some sweet with the puckery fizzy stuff. They are fabulous. I just ordered a couple packets!

  62. 62
    kristen says:

    I know this one for sure, the candywas called fizzers, and the did look just like the candy called smarties. I remember buying them in a big tub (like a countertop bin) at costco. They were wrapped in a clear cellophane wrapper with the name in red, just like smarties candy. I remember they just didnt have them anymore one day, and I haven’t seen them since. I really think they were made by the same company because of the similar packaging, but I don’t know that to be fact. Anyways, if anybody has a line on these, let it be known, I would love to get some!

  63. 63
    Queenie says:

    I think I know what the original poster is talking about. Raven’s Revenge candy. it came in test tube like vials in all different colors and tastes. I remember a few, One was white and it was sweet. others were dark and turned your mouth nasty dark and one was green and was very sour. they all had weird creepy names, like Black Widow and were kindo of creepy. they were really good though! I ate them as a Kid. I have been looking for them everywhere, but cant find them. i dont think they make them anymore

  64. 64
    Jeni says:

    probably those nasty Bottlecaps.

  65. 65
    diane says:

    it sounds like bottlecaps ! the colors were very dull , and so was the taste ! YUK !

  66. 66
    Alex says:

    Mad Dog(Dawg?)Candy? It was super sour and it foamed/fizzes.

  67. 67
    Blake Overend says:

    The sour candy that came in a test tube style container is BACK!! Raven’s Revenge is coming back under a new name. Who wants this great old candy to come back to storeS??

  68. 68
    Chris Ackerman says:

    I loved Mad Dogs (or dawgs) I wish I could find them, i’d buy some

  69. 69
    augie says:

    look on look at products. under products click on hard candies. then look under bulk candies. on the second page the first one will say fizzy mix.

  70. 70
    shannon says:

    its ravenge revenge!!! ahh i loved those

  71. 71
    Chris says:

    It seems like Katee might be looking for the same kind of candy I’ve looked for over the years. I would swear it was made by Zots, but here is the best description I can think of after 20 years…..
    The Zots candy that everyone is talking about on this forum has a hard outer shell and a white fizzy powder in the middle of it….like a tootsie pop would have, right? Well this specific candy I’m looking for is like the Zots, but without the hard candy part. It almost resembled little miniature sticks of coral. lol Sounds funny, but it was! It looked like tiny sticks of coral. The packaging from what I remember was a foil packaging with a Space or Rocketship type of look on it.
    Is this ringing any “old school” thoughts of anyone over 30? Help me out!!! Let’s find this long lost candy!!!!

  72. 72
    JohnM says:

    Butterscotch Lassies were my favorite candy, ever! Not only could I buy them from the local Candy Store, I could also buy them at recess, in Catholic school. I’m sorry no one has any information on them. I’ve been looking, for years. My guess is they were manufactured by one of the many local cany factories in Philadelphia, and when they went out of business, the candy was gone forever. Too bad. Nothing equals Butterscotch Lassies!

  73. 73
    Cheri Y. says:


    Are these candies hard, soft, powdered, gum? That information would undoubtedly help find your answer.

    I came to this site looking for Fizzy Smarties. I am pretty sure that is what they were called. They had the same packaging, and I thought they had the “Smarties” name + Fizzy or Fizzies.

    Now I am curious about your candy and the “Butterscotch Laddies/Lassies” as well.

    Cheri Y.

  74. 74
    scout says:

    Who ever made spew needs to make it again. Its a powder candy and it foams up not just fizzing. then it turns a gross green color. But it was a good candy.

  75. 75
    angel says:

    i love the fact that sooo many people remember spew. i used to talk to all my friends about it when i was a teen and they had no clue what i was talking about. strange how funky candies made our childhood memories so wonderful. :D

  76. 76
    trcsy says:

    Loved those little chocolate butterscotch lassies. Yes your could get them for a penny at the candy store or buy them at school. PLEASE someone resurrect this candy like they just did bonomo turkish taffy.

  77. 77
    CrazyDazy2 says:

  78. 78
    Jesse McAtee says:

    MAD DAWG Super Spew Bubble Chew!

    I use to be addicted to that! It was sold in Some Other Nuts a candy store in Libertyville Illinois. Before that there was also a great candy shop just down the block called Main Sweet. Man I miss my home town.

  79. 79
    MEMI says:

    Tounge coloring Fizzing Candies

    Made by Arcor


  80. 80
    Mike says:


    I have been looking about two years for the candy you have described. You are the first person that has even remembered this candy. I bought this candy sometime between 1987-1990 at Kings Island amusement park in Ohio. Good luck finding it.

  81. 81
    Sam says:

    I know this thread was started years ago but I hope the people looking for “Fizzers” (the ones that look like Smarties) reads this. The Irish Import Shop in Hollywood CA., stocks them. I don’t know if they’re still distributed in the US anywhere else, but they get them imported from the UK. If anyone who doesn’t live locally wants some they can mail order them. They no longer cost a penny like they used to when I was a kid though–now they’re .35 a roll! They don’t have them listed on their website, but if you call or email them they will send them out by UPS.

  82. 82
    Vickie says:

    I have also been looking for the “fizzy” candy that I believe was posted in a much earlier thread. I can only find them at Halloween at the Dollar General store…I came across a couple tonite in an old purse, lol and decided to try to locate them online since I have looked everywhere for them. They come in a bag, individually wrapped in a red wrapper. The wrapper says Arcor Tongue Coloring Fizzy Candies. They taste a bit sour at first then you get down to the center and its a liquidy tart taste….they are soooo good! If anyone has found where they can be purchased besides at Halloween, PLEASE let me know! Thanks!

  83. 83
    meccanism says:

    I’ve been looking for Butterscotch Laddies for years to no avail. The closest I can find in taste and consistewncy are Reisen Storks. NOT Butterscotch, but quite similar otherwise!

  84. 84
    LaLaLozza says:

    It’s Raven’s Revenge!! Came in a little test tube container, all of them were sour as hell and turned the mouth weird colors. Yeah I remember that stuff! Loved it when i was in elementary school and it’s dropped off the face of the earth.

  85. 85
    Taryn says:

    Katee, the name of the candy you are looking for is “Raven’s Revenge”, sadly they are no longer making them, but have come up with something similar. These are called Payback Attack, I was looking for them this morning myself, and found the above website. A bunch of friends and I are looking to buy a couple cases for a New Year’s Eve party and this will so fit the bill. -grins-

    Good luck!

  86. 86
    Dooyen says:

    Ok so don’t know if you haven’t figured it out yet, but the candy you’re looking for is BIZZERKS!! BEcause I was looking for the same candy too.–Assorted-Flavors-Hard-Candy/000045366

  87. 87
    Natalie says:

    Just got back from trick or treating and my son had a candy in his pumpkin and I came across this site trying to find out what it was. . .changes tongue to a bright color and fizzes
    (package reads)
    Colorful Fizzy and Fun

    round candy with white stuff in it. .

  88. 88
    Christy says:

    Chris and Mike,
    I know this string is very old, but did you ever find the name of the fizzing candy that doesn’t have a hard shell and came in a silver package? I have also been looking for it. I would describe them as looking like the old candy cigarettes (white, dry looking), only much shorter. And instead of being sweet, they were very sour and fizzed once in your mouth. I’m doubtful that they are still produced, but I would love to at least know there name.

    Any help would be great.

  89. 89
    lanie dominguez says:

    Aw alas I finally found out that my fave mad dawg spew gum is no more ….I will forever miss my times going to santa Monica mall candy shop and buying the sour fizz gumball . I even kept a gum ball rapper (dog foaming at the mouth) R.I.P.1995or96? Lol you will be missed.Hey does anyone remember a candy called zanys?I believe late 80′s pls Help for I have a new quest

  90. 90
    Mau says:

    It sounds like the candy “pond scum” to me. It came in a black package like Pop Rocks one and it had green slimy fonted lettering on it that said “pond scum” and it had a picture of a frog on the front. It was a powder that made your mouth foam.

  91. 91
    Claire says:

    Yes. Please someone resaurrect the…butterscotch lassie…but it could laddie???? I dream about eating one again. They were hard Carmel covered in dark chocolate?

  92. 92
    Andrea says:

    re: Butterscotch lassies have been looking for years cant find them anywhere i remember the plaid box and they were a penny each got them in Philadelphia at the corner store Please anyone let me know where i can get them now

  93. 93
    drew says:

    Razzles are a candy that once chewed, mix to transform into chewing gum. Originally introduced in 1966, with an advertising slogan and jingle of, “First it’s a candy, then it’s a gum. Little round Razzles are so much fun.” The original flavor was raspberry. They were named after a fictional flavor, Razzleberry, that was planned but never panned out. This has also happened with the flavor “Zuzzleberry Zash”. Concord Confections was formed in 1986, and sometime after that date acquired the Razzles brand. Additional fruit flavours were added to raspberry. Most recently, a “tropical fruit” pack and a “sour” pack were added to the product line. Tootsie Roll Industries acquired Concord Confections in 2004. Razzles were first produced by Fleer along with their Dubble Bubble brand, and eventually sold both brands to Concord Confections.

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