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PEZ Motorcycle from Orange County Choppers

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OCC Pez Custom Chopper

PezHQ recently ran these photos of a custom Pez motorcycle designed and built by the folks at Orange County Choppers. The episode for this bike hasn’t aired, and there’s no guarantee when, if ever, it will air. They do have a habit of visiting the companies they build bikes for, so some Pez factory footage might be included in the episode.

The Pez bike, which probably cost around $100,000-$150,000, was reportedly made to coincide with a limited edition set of Pez dispensers featuring the crew of Orange County Choppers. If true, this would mark the first dispenser that featured an actual person. You can check out more pictures and read more at the PezHQ link below.

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5 Responses to “PEZ Motorcycle from Orange County Choppers”

  1. 1
    James Yates says:

    Hello. The new OCC Pez dispensers ARE NOT the first Pez with a human on them. They made Betsy Ross and Daniel Boone. Those were the only 2 ever made. The Pezadent of Pez said they would never make any more. What a liar he is. Where is this going to now. I think they have been making WAY too many lately. I am an avid collector with over 1700 and it is hard to keep up. I am looking for a couple of these new sets if you get them please let me know. Thanks Jim

  2. 2
    Chriss says:

    Greetings, Pez also made other humans featuring Mr. Bean and his female partner. I would like to know when you have any occ sets available. Thanks, Chriss

  3. 3
    OCC Pez says:

    Great picture!

  4. 4
    Mobile Truck Advertising says:

    You gotta love the guys over at OCC. They get to be as creative as they’d like with other people’s money, as well as have their own show. I love it.

  5. 5
    Chris says:

    Umm… it’s definitely creative… but that’s about all I can say for it. That has to be one of the ugliest motorcycles ever built.

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