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Friday Fun: Nestle Crunch Squirting Gallery

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Nestle Crunch Squirting Gallery

Another Friday, another Friday Fun. Today I bring you the Nestle Crunch Squirting Gallery. It’s sort of like those squirting games you play at amusement parks and fairs except there you win fun prizes and here you play the game with your keyboard. It’s actually really tricky (and hard) since the hose keeps moving back towards the center.

You get “prizes” for different levels of scores. After about 10 tries I finally broke the 1000 point mark (once I figured out the trick) but the prize was a screensaver and the link didn’t work! Grrrrrr! Oh well, it’s still a fun game.

I can’t give you a direct link to it since the whole site is Flash, but go to, point at Fun Zone at the bottom, then choose Squirting Gallery. Have fun!

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    sumaiya says:

    I would like to play Nestles games For Free

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