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Review: CO2 Carbonated Candy

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CO2 Candy

These are some interesting candies. The only carbonated/CO2 candy I could think of was Pop Rocks and when I first saw these, I knew they weren’t like Pop Rocks. They are small UFO-shaped candies, a little smaller than an M&M. The candy itself is the “pressed-powder” variety like SweetTarts, PEZ, and Smarties (US). CO2 Candy comes in three “sparkling” flavors – Cherry, Orange, and Lemon-Lime and come in those popular tins that so many candy come in nowadays. One tin hold 0.68 oz or about 75 candies.

When you first put one in your mouth, they are a little odd tasting and feeling. The flavor just barely hits you and it tingles just a bit on your tongue. It’s not a crazy fizzing or bubbling, it’s just a barely perceptible fizz. The candies aren’t overly sweet, which at first made me think they tasted bad, but the more candy I had, the more I got used to them and grew to like them.

I figured out what candy they remind me of after I had a few – they remind me of the taste of the center of Zotz candy (anyone remember those?). It has an odd, almost bitter taste to it – maybe because of the CO2? I’m not sure. It’s not a bad taste, just a different taste. A coworker of mine tried them and said they were just OK, but he kept coming back to get more, so he must have thought they were pretty good.

I thought since it sort of fizzes it might work as a flavoring for bottled water so I dropped a cherry CO2 Candy into a bottled water to see what happened. Nothing happened. It didn’t fizz, it didn’t dissolve. Nothing. After about 30 minutes of shaking it around it finally dissolved and did flavor the water, but it wasn’t worth the effort.

So, overall, if you like novelty candy that is not too sweet, I’d recommend the CO2 Candy.

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2 Responses to “Review: CO2 Carbonated Candy”

  1. 1
    calamitykittiee says:

    fyi–I spotted some Jone’s Soda CO2 candies at a Jackson’s gas station last night. I might have to give them a try…

    RESPONSE: Yeah – same company makes those. They are different though. I didn’t get any of those to review :(

  2. 2
    Jeremy says:

    These are really good kinda like pop rocks

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