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Five Mini Reviews

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Twix White Chocolate

Here are a few new candies I’ve tried recently and some quick reviews of them:

  • M-Azing Peanut Butter: When I first saw the commercials for M’Azing I wasn’t impressed. M&Ms in chocolate? Big deal. Well, I was hunting for some chocolate a few days ago and found a mini M-Azing Peanut Butter in my daughter’s Valentine’s Day goody bag and thought I’d try it (don’t tell me daughter). It was good. Really good. The mini M&M’s are filled with peanut butter and are a great mix with the chocolate bar. Very sweet, slightly salty – VERY good.
  • Twix White Chocolate: I generally steer clear of white chocolate because I just don’t like it. My wife picked up this limited edition Twix bar and it was surprisingly good – I’m not sure it was better than a regular Twix, but it was definitely better than I expected. It had lots of caramel (which is a good thing).
  • IceBreakers Ice Cubes: My sister gave me one of these and I wasn’t impressed. It wasn’t bad, but I was expecting more from it.
  • Rice Krispies Caramel Kazaam Crunch: I picked one of these up to munch on my way back from Atlanta. It reeked of caramel but tasted horrible. The caramel tasted “fake”. It has a layer of substandard chocolate on the bottom. There was not enough (any) marshmallow keeping it together so it seemed dry. You should definitely pass on these.
  • Belly Flops: I forgot how good Jelly Belly jellybeans are. After writing about JBFlops recently, I got to try some and they are fabulous. There are some that are rejects (two or more stuck together generally) but the vast majority of the flops seem perfectly fine to me…and are quite tasty.


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One Response to “Five Mini Reviews”

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    Trish says:

    I prefer the Crispy M&M M-azing bars. The chocolate from the chocolate bar is so good. For some reason the chocolate from the peanut butter one taste different to me….but maybe that’s just me.

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