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Winterfresh Does Weird

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Cool Breath Power

It’s not as weird as the Snickers Satisfies site I wrote about a while back, but it’s still weird. Winterfresh gum now has a a similar all-Flash site “advertising” its product. Where the Snickers site was just plain weird, the Winterfresh site is weird, yet endearing. Just about everything can be clicked and the French-accented voices are pretty funny (be sure and point at the plane with the sign that says “Be My Hun Hun Honey”). Check out the site and see if you can’t help but spend a few minutes on it clicking around on the many different parts.

Here’s an Easter Egg of sorts – point at that plane I mentioned above and click where it says “Download Now” you will download the song “hun hun honey” by LoveMaestro21 – not my kind of song, but some might like it. Any other hidden treasures in there?

[via AdJab via Adrants]

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3 Responses to “Winterfresh Does Weird”

  1. 1
    2006-03-22 « Fun Links Daily says:

    [...] Winterfresh Does Weird [...]

  2. 2
    Diane says:

    I love the clouds. Chasing them around is kinda fun. And yes the whole thing is a little weird, but a great place to waste some time.

    RESPONSE: EXACTLY! I guess the real question though is – do you remember what the site is advertising?

  3. 3
    john says:

    The winter fresh site was pretty cool. Its almost like a chidren’s book that has come to life. When I went to the snickers site, there was this weird metal detector game that you played the beach. It was kind of boring at first, but the end was funny.

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