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Katrina PEZ raises money for victims

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Katrina PEZ

Ron Jones is a PEZHead. He has an obsession with PEZ and when Katrina hit the U.S., he wanted to do something to help. His idea? Get PEZ to create a custom Katrina PEZ dispenser, sell them, and donate all the money to a charity helping Katrina victims.

Ron designed the PEZ dispenser himself and contacted the PEZ Candy Co. in Austria to see if they would make them. They did. 28 days after he sent the design, they sent all 750 of them to Jones so he could sell them to raise money. They charged him NOTHING. He sold them all to fellow collectors and within three months he had sold all of them. He donated a check for $8,298.90 (about $11 each) to the Southern Baptist Convention Disaster Relief fund to assist Katrina victims.

Of course, now you can find them on ebay going for over $30 each (and sometimes $60).

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