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Target FINALLY has Choxie on its website

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I’m not sure why it took them so long (about 5 months since the launch last October), but Target finally has Choxie on their website and that page will be returned if you search for Choxie. I wrote about the mysterious absence of Choxie on Target’s website back in November. I would LOVE to know the story on why it took so long. Inept IT department? Poor planning? Troubles with their web developers? We may never know. Still nothing at (which Target owns) though.

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3 Responses to “Target FINALLY has Choxie on its website”

  1. 1
    Pat says:

    Went looking for the Slate of Bliss bar I purchased at Trader Joe’s. They quit carrying it about a month ago and I recently heard they discontinued it. Cost 1.99/bar Haven’t been to Target yet but just read that the Choxie bar 2.50 is identical. Choxie – made exclusively for Target. That may explain why TJ’s quit carrying Slate of Bliss and why Target took awhile to get the bars on their web site.

  2. 2
    lavinia says:

    mmmm…choxie candy is sooo good…especially the key lime pie and the mint..its sooo good…keep up the good work!!!!

  3. 3
    Mary says:

    I saw Choxie when shopping for some chocolates for my mom for mothers day and these candy bars and truffles caught my eye with the colorful polka dots and bows; the packaging is right up my ally. So I got some for her and she let me try some. Now I’m officially addicted. I went a few places looking for more Choxie before I realized it’s only sold and Target. It’s officailly my favorite chocolate.

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