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Valentine’s Day Post – How Much Is Inside Conversation Hearts?

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Measuring Necco Hearts

Depsite all of the Valentine’s-related posts I have made in the weeks leading up to today, I still feel I need to post something related to Valentine’s Day so here it is: How Much Is Inside Conversation Hearts? On this page, they count, measure, sort, and grind Necco hearts and give us some real measurements with a side of humor. Be sure and look closely at the message tally on the right….and excuse their messy HTML.

We were going to grind up the bag of hearts with a coffee grinder to measure volume, but it started to smell like burning after a while. Instead, we mailed the powder we had to our favorite senators for Valentine’s Day. How romantic.

How Much Is Inside Conversation Hearts?
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One Response to “Valentine’s Day Post – How Much Is Inside Conversation Hearts?”

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    Mimz says:

    Nice blog!

    I found a blog post that might interest you:

    RESPONSE: Yep, I saw that when it was posted. I read BB multiple times a day :) It is more ice cream than candy so I didn’t mention it.

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