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Weirdness: Snickers Satisfies … So Pluck Some Eyebrow Hair!

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Snickers Eyebrow-Plucking
(notice the tear in his eye and the freshly-plucked hair falling)

This is mega-weird. If you go to the Snickers Satisfies website right now (see UPDATE2 below for a working link to it), you’ll find a Flash “webgame” that allows you to pluck eyebrow hairs from a disembodied face. The guy on-screen has eight eyebrow hairs you can pluck with tweezers. He yells in pain and a tear falls from his eye every now and then. Something different happens when you pull the last hair (I won’t tell you what).

After you pluck all eight eyebrow hairs, it gives you a message saying “Check back tomorrow for more satisfaction” so I’m not sure if that means the eyebrow-plucking will be gone tomorrow or not, so try it out now. I saved the Flash file from the site though, so if it is gone tomorrow, I may post it here for everyone to try. It’s so weird.

How does this relate to Snickers satisfying you? I have no idea. It’s just plain weird. I guess they are trying to get word of mouth advertising (like the word of mouth I am giving you right now). Aha! I found this press release announcing the opening of the site on August 10, 2005. I wonder if all of them are as weird as the eyebrow plucking? (I also wonder if I could use the word weird more in this post. Weird.)

Ok, according to some other info I have found online, it does indeed change every day, so chance are you won’t be able to experience their eyebrow-plucking on their site.

UPDATE: Even funnier – now all my Google ads on this page are for eyebrow-related stuff! HA!

UPDATE2: Yep – it’s not there anymore. It’s a vacuum “game” now. Here is a temporary local copy of it so you can try it.

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3 Responses to “Weirdness: Snickers Satisfies … So Pluck Some Eyebrow Hair!”

  1. 1
    cornnuts says:

    Today there’s a disgusting zit popping came. WTF? This does not make me want a Snickers.

  2. 2
    jasmine says:

    i wish i could hav played it lol. it looks funny. no links r workin though :\’(

    RESPONSE: The local copy I put up still works.

  3. 3
    Jenny says:

    This is a cool post about Eyebrow & Eyelash cosmetics.
    Thanks for such an informative post.

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