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Retro Flashback: Gummi Bears Cartoon

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Gummi Bears Cartoon

I don’t know what made me think of this the other day, but does everyone remember the Gummi Bears cartoon? It was a bunch of lovable Gummi Bears living in medieval times and trying to thwart Duke Igthorn and his ogres’ evil attempts at capturing the Gummis and their magic. Drinking GummiBerry Juice made them into super-bouncers, and if their trusted human friends drank it, they got super-human strength (temporarily). My favorite line from the show is “Okie-dokie, Dukie” said by one of the Duke’s little ogres. I still say that every now and then (yes, I’m weird).

The Gummi Bears was created by Disney and originally aired on NBC from 1985-1991. The Gummi Bears was Disney’s first foray into television animation so it is therefore significant in cartoon history. I think it is the best TV show ever based on a candy (I think it’s the only one).

UPDATE: The Gummi Bears DVD is now available!

For more Gummi Bears information, check out these sites:

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13 Responses to “Retro Flashback: Gummi Bears Cartoon”

  1. 1
    Bridget Samuels says:

    Yes! That was such a cute cartoon. There was also an associated ride at Disneyland where you got to drive motorboats. It was great fun.

  2. 2
    forgo daily -- Gummi Bears? or Okie Dokie Dukie? says:

    [...] But, now you know what I was talking about! The Gummi Bears! [...]

  3. 3
    FARZEEN says:


  4. 4
    latrice says:

    gummi bear dvd comes out 11-14-06…..less then 50 bucks and every show that ever played on disney

  5. 5
    Heather says:

    Yay! I loved that show! Sunni was so cute! I still sing the theme from time to time! “Gummi Bears! Bouncing here and there and everywhere…” XD

  6. 6
    Theresa says:

    I Love the Gummi Bears and everyone I talk to never know what i’m talking about until they see the picture of them. I wish it still came on tv & I want the DVDs. I think they need to bring back the Gummi Bears, Fraggle Rock…all the good shows from back in the 80s.

  7. 7
    Kristen G says:

    I woke up thinking about this cartoon I watched with glee as a kid – I could not for the life of me remember what it was called. All I could think of was the theme song “Gummi Bears, jumping here and there and everywhere…” Thanks heaps Google and Candy Addict! Now I’m going to Google another cartoon, the Snorks.

  8. 8
    Kristen G says:

    I woke up thinking about this cartoon I watched with glee as a kid but couldn’t for the life of me remember the name of it. All I could remember was the theme song, “Gummi Bears, jumping here and there and everywhere…” Thanks heaps Google and Candy Addict. Now I’m going to Google another childhood fave, the Snorks.

  9. 9
    Kayla says:

    OMG I miss the gummy bears so much i used to know all the words to the theme song before i could even sing and I saw in someone’s post that a bunch of other old cartoons like that are coming out on dvd if you see this post could you find a way to contact me and let me know how to get them?!?! I would love for my children to see such a good wholesome cartoon when i have them.

  10. 10
    Ray says:

    I loved this cartoon and all of the great cartoons we had to grow up with in the 80s generation.I cant even watch the cartoons they have out now.When I saw Boomerang on dish network and what it had to offer I had to get it.They play all of the old goodies.Flintstones,Snorks,Smurfs,Jetsons,Looney Toons,Tom and Jerry,Scooby Doo.I am collecting all of these classics.

  11. 11
    Robert B. says:

    I am still waiting for Volume 2 to come out on DVD. Come on Disney… some of us are waiting very patiently.

    I actually have the “Disney Afternoon” soundtrack album on CD… ha ha ha.

  12. 12
    d p allee's blog says:

    The Gummi Bears was a great era for Disney TV cartoons, alongside hits like Darkwing Duck, Duck Tales…I even give credit to Rescue Rangers. All these had a good, clean approach to the animation, storylines were adventurous without getting too dark, great entertainment for kids.

  13. 13
    soniya says:

    that was a fabulous cartoon i hav ever seen plz bring back gummy bear in our cartoon channels.

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