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Friday Fun – Life Savers Skee Ball

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Life Savers Skee Ball

I thought I’d start a new regular feature here on Candy Addict – every Friday I will post a link to a free web-based (Flash/Java) game whose theme is candy. It’ll give you something to do on Friday while you’re waiting for 5PM to arrive. Most candy sites have webgames on them, so I should be able to do this indefinitely. I will only post games that I have played and like. No duds.

So, what better site to start off with than a game from Candy Stand – one of the oldest candy sites with games. Today’s game is Life Savers Skee Ball (they call it Boardwalk Bowling, but they aren’t fooling anyone). is it just me or does it look like it could double as Froot Loops Skee ball too? Anyway, it’s a fun little game – and it has some really good sound effects. Post your high score in the comments! My high score is 520.

Play Life Savers Skee Ball

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3 Responses to “Friday Fun – Life Savers Skee Ball”

  1. 1
    Shelly says:

    Great link. Thanks. :)

    RESPONSE: I’m glad you liked it! You’re the first and only person to comment on it. Hpefully people will come to like and look forward to the Friday Candy Game :)

  2. 2
    badMike says:

    You say “No duds.” What about Milk Duds? Har har.

    Thanks for the links. I love dumb games like this. Give me candy mini-golf and my whole work day is wasted…

    RESPONSE: Prepare to waste your whole day: candy mini-golf.

  3. 3
    badMike says:

    Curse you!! Dang is that hard…

    RESPONSE: :)

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