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Crazy Delicious

  • I tried the Hershey’s Peanut Butter Kisses yesterday. The PB was creamy and tasty, but there was too much of it and not enough chocolate for me. I’d rather have a Cherry Cordial Kiss personally.
  • I had a Hershey’s Twosomes Whoppers a few days ago too. It has “malted crisped rice” in it. I love malted milk balls, but this tasted almost just like a Nestle Crunch to me. It was still pretty good though.
  • I also tried the Choxie Warm Spiced Caramels recently. At first I didn’t like them – too much cinnamon and nutmeg in them – tastes like a gingerbread cookie. The more I ate though, the more I liked them. I’m not sure if I got a bad batch though – about half of them had nice soft caramel inside and the other half were actually a bit crunchy. The soft-centered ones were good.
  • I finished the stale Red Vines yesterday. They sat there as I was working from home and I couldn’t stop eating them. Even stale they are pretty good.
  • My daughter and I finished off a box of Botan Rice Candy the other day too. Of course, there are only 6 pieces in a box, so finishing a box doesn’t take much. Man, I love those. The tattoo looked like a sailor’s tattoo and said “True Love”.
  • Just for fun I made some “motivational posters” based on the SNL Lazy Sunday/Crazy Delicious skit. Grab the full-sized images and print them out to use as cube decorations!

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