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Bazooka Gum Origami

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Bazooka Shirt
Bazooka Pants

A few months back I stumbled upon this site that showed how to fold a dollar bill into a shirt. I tried it and it worked though it was a bit tricky (and made a really cute shirt). Now, here is a simlar tutorial on how to create a shirt and pants with the comic in Bazooka Gum. I can’t remember the last time I had a Bazooka Gum. I think I have seen them in the 5 cent bins at the gas station conevnience stores. I think. I’ll have to check next time I am there.

Speaking of Bazooka Gum, here is the page that I got the origami link from – it has tons of other links to interesting Bazooka Gum info/trivia.

Bazooka Gum Origami [via InformationNation]
Dollar Bill shirt

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2 Responses to “Bazooka Gum Origami”

  1. 1
    realthirtysomething says:

    I am chewing a piece of Bazooka right now! It came in a pack of 10 pieces, each individually wrapped in a comic. The gum tastes just like I remembered it from my childhood, and it is also a little hard to chew initially, just as it used to be. I bought the Bazooka at a Dollar General store, which had the gum for sale at the bargain price of 3 packs for $1. In fact, I visit that store periodically to restock my Bazooka supply–I like to have some on hand at all times. If you have Dollar General stores near you, you might try checking them out.

    RESPONSE: Cool – I had thought about checking my local Dollar Store too – I think I saw them there. I think I actually have some Bazooka at home – check out the Nick Candy Review.
    –The Candy Kid

  2. 2
    Linda says:

    I’M looking to buy some Bazooka Gum by Tub, Bag, Box I need a large amount for a 50′s car show. Can you help do you sale it or not.

    Thank you Linda

    RESPONSE: I don’t sell it, but try these places:
    Candy Crate

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