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Grossest Candy – Cockroaches, Fear Factor, and Poop

Grossest Candy #7 – Harry Potter Cockroach Clusters

Gross Harry Potter Cockroach Clusters

At #10, we had white chocolate maggots. Here at #7 we have cockroaches (and this isn’t the last bug we’ll see on the countdown). These are Harry Potter Cockroach Clusters. Each Cockroach has a juicy gummy underbelly and is covered with a crunchy candy shell that has candy cockroach wings! Each cockroach is about 2 inches in length and 1 inch wide, so they’re also a great candy to use to scare your friends.

Grossest Candy #6 – Fear Factor Candy

Fear Factor Lollipops

I used to watch Fear factor all the time and the best (worst?) part was watching them try and eat those gross things. Now, you can have all the fun of the Fear Factor eating contests at home with Fear Factor Candy. There are a ton of them too. Some of the grossest:

  • Fear Factor Lollipops (seen above): Chicken Foot (lemon flavored), Pig’s Snout (bubblegum flavored), Sheep’s Eye (black cherry flavored), and Cow’s Heart (spicy cinnamon flavored)
  • Fear Factor Gummy Frog Legs: Gummy sour apple frog legs that come with crunchy candy bones and gooey red dipping sauce
  • Fear Factor Slimy Gummy Octopus: This super sweet slimy gummy octopus is swimming in sour ooze. The head of the octopus is lemon and the tentacles are blueberry
  • Fear Factor Gooey Globs: Liquid-filled gummy balls in 2 incredibly creepy designs: Sheep Eyeballs (Mango) and Coagulated Blood Balls (Cherry)
  • Fear Factor Cockroach Bites: Cola-flavored gummy roaches with crunchy icing shells – packed in sets of two

Grossest Candy #5 – Poop Candy

Gross Poop Candy

Poop is gross. Just ask anyone who has had to change a baby’s diaper. Once you’ve done that, you’ll never look at poop in the same way. Above, you see a prime example of poop candy – the Chocka-Ca-Ca diaper. The diaper comes in blue, pink, or yellow, but each one comes with a luscious chocolate “turdle” inside. Yum!

Other examples of poop candy include the pooping candy dispensers that are so popular around holidays. Moose, chickens, deer, cows, pigs, kitties, snowmen, penguins, easter bunnies, and even Santa himself can be had in pooping candy dispenser form. None of those tops the Chocka-Ca-Ca though.

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