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Grossest Candy – Jellybeans, Ear Wax, and Bugs

Grossest Candy #4 – Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans

Gross Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans

Anyone who wonders how these Harry Potter jellybeans could make our Top 10 Grossest Candy list has not tried these. They are disgusting. I reviewed them a while back and it still brings back bad memories for me. The flavors: Bacon, Black Pepper, Booger, Dirt, Earthworm, Ear Wax, Grass, Rotten Egg, Soap, and Vomit. Some of them aren’t too bad, like Black Pepper. Some of them are horrible: Earthworm, Rotten Egg, Earwax, and Vomit.

David and I actually both voted these to be #1 on the list but Victoria listed these much lower – if she had ever tried them I bet these would have taken the top spot. Try them and you’ll see that they deserve a spot on anyone’s Top 10 Grossest Candy list. Beanboozled is a variation on these and also contains some truly NASTY flavors.

Grossest Candy #3 – Ear Wax Candy

Gross Ear Wax Candy

Yes, ear wax candy. It’s a plastic ear filled with a fruity jelly-like candy that resembles ear wax. It even comes with a plastic “swab” to use to dig out the candy. I don’t know why they chose to make the ears pink though – if you’re going gross, you should go all out – they definitely should have made the ears flesh-colored.

Grossest Candy #2 – Candy With Real Bugs

Gross Hotlix Candy

I remember getting a lollipop once as a promo item at a (non-candy) convention and it had a worm inside (it was supposed to). I never tried it. I let it sit for ages until I finally just threw it away. I couldn’t bring myself to try it. You know a candy has to be gross for me not to even try it.

There is an amazing amount of candy with real bugs in it. Hotlix is probably the most well-known maker of candied bugs but you can find them made by lots of companies. You can get tequila lollipops with a worm inside, Cricket Lick-Its lollipops with a real cricket inside, lollipops with a real scorpion inside (yeah, I know a scorpion isn’t a bug), Ant Candy which has real ants and looks like a miniature ant farm, and of course, you can get all manner of bugs covered in chocolate. No matter what kind of candy and no matter what kind of bugs, candy with real bugs in it is gross. Check out our full review of Hotlix candy.

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