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Myth Busted: Stride Gum wrappers should NOT be chewed

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stride gum pack - do not eat the wrapper
(image from American Sweets)

Just a little over a year ago I wrote a quick article about the announcement of Stride Gum by Cadbury-Adams. On January 9. 2007 we had our 12th comment on that article and the first one that mentioned eating the wrapper:

Can you eat the Stride bubble gum wrapper? Someone is telling people that it is edible…Is it?

Chew the wrapper? Where did this come from? I know you can eat the inner rice paper wrapper of Botan Rice Candy, but chew the wrapper of a gum? I dismissed it as the ravings of a lunatic Candy Addict, but then we kept getting more and more comments sparking a debate on the chewableness of the wrappers. We currently have 64 comments on that article – most of them dealing with whether or not you can chew the wrapper.

I did some poking around and there are many instances online of people either saying you can chew the wrapper or people asking if it’s true. At the time of this writing, even the Stride Gum wikipedia page says the wrappers are made of rice paper and can be eaten.

So, I finally decided to do something about this. I contacted Cadbury-Adams, the makers of Stride, to get to the bottom of this. I posed one simple question: “Are Stride Gum wrappers intended to be chewed?” This is the official response I received:

While Stride(r) gum is designed to be chewed for a ridiculously long time, our gum wrappers are not. All of our gum wrappers are made with materials that comply with FDA regulations for food contact materials; however, none of our chewing gum wrappers are designed to be ingested. While there’s nothing toxic in them, gum wrappers aren’t intended for ingestion and gum wrappers should not be eaten. Should you have any questions or concerns about your children ingesting gum wrappers, please contact your doctor or other health care professional.

(note that the above official statement goes for all of Cadbury-Adams gums – not just Stride)

So, there you go. Myth debunked. Can you chew the Stride gum wrappers? Yes – just like you could eat/chew any piece of paper (though it’s not recommended). Should you chew the Stride Gum wrapper? The official word says no. The wrapper is not intended to be chewed or eaten and will not add anything good to the gum (though it won’t hurt you). Just enjoy the gum as they intended it – wrapper-free!

Free Wrigley’s 5 Gum!

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Wrigley's 5 Gum

UPDATE: ok, the contest is closed and we have 54 entries. I’ll be drawing the winners shortly….ok, winners drawn – comments #14 and #37 are the winners! Congrats! You’ll be getting your gum soon!

I totally forgot to add this to the review. Wrigley’s sent me so many packs (12 of each flavor) that I figured I should share with my readers. Seriously – who needs 540 sticks of gum?. Leave a comment on this post and use an email address you check (I will see it but it won’t be posted on the site) and I will randomly draw a name or two to win some packs of the new 5 gum.

I’ll leave the comments open on this post for a few days – maybe til next week. if you can leave a comment on this post, I’m still taking entries. Free gum – no strings attached (I’ll even pay shipping) – what more can you ask for?

UPDATE: US residents only please! Shipping out of country is expensive. :)

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Gum Review: Wrigley’s new “5″ gum

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Wrigley's 5 Gum

Wrigley is introducing a new sugar-free to the market called simply “5″. The plan is for a mid to end of July availability (UPDATE: They say it’s August now), but they’re also going to be selling it at a few boutiques in LA, Miami and New York beginning this week. I had these on my candy radar and unexpectedly received a bunch of packs in the mail for an early review. (Have I mentioned how freakin’ awesome it is to get free candy unexpectedly in the mail?)

Wrigley’s 5 gum is squarely aimed at the teen/young adult market with its trendy black envelope packaging. The slogan is “5 is the new black”. They even claim that the package glows under blacklight. Since I just so happen to have an arcade lit with blacklights, I tested it and wasn’t impressed – no secret messages or anything, but all the 5′s on the package “popped” out. The packaging is quite cool though. It’s probably the best gum packaging I have seen lately. It’s slightly smaller than a deck of cards and it reminds me of a cigarette pack – not sure if that is intentional or not.

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Candy Review: Liquorice Altoids

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Liquorice Altoids

When I received an unexpected package from our erstwhile editor, Brian, I was naturally curious to find out what was inside. As I upended the envelope, two tins of Altoids came tumbling out. (editor’s note – thanks go to the gang at Altoids for the tins).

At first, I was a bit puzzled, since Brian is fully aware how much I hate things that are hot or spicy, and regular Altoids certainly fall in that category. On closer inspection, however, I realized these were actually licorice (or “liquorice” if you want to get all British on me) Altoids. I had no idea they even made licorice flavored candies, and I immediately opened a tin.

My first impression was unexpected. They actually weren’t bad. And curiously strong? I think not! In fact, these were downright tame! Heck, I might as well just chew them right up…

This is where you smack yourself in the forehead and mutter something along the lines of “moron.”

As the fire erupted in my mouth, I could be heard yelling “The fire, the pain! Help!” as I ran to the kitchen to drink directly out of the milk container. I may have run over two small children in the process; I really have very little recollection of the incident. I think my subconscious has blocked it out so I don’t spend the rest of my life curled up in a little ball mumbling about how evil Altoids are and how I should have known better.

Needless to say, I didn’t like these. In fact, I can say with all honesty that I loathed these. Not only do they not taste like licorice, but even if they did, you wouldn’t be able to tell because all the taste receptors on your tongue are being burned to a crisp. Ok, not really, but that’s what it feels like. I can easily say that anyone who likes regular Altoids should have no problem with these, since there is pretty much no licorice flavor and you must have no taste buds to begin with.

Buy Liquorice Altoids online:

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Candy Review: Altoids Dark Chocolate Dipped Mints

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Chocolate-dipped Altoids
(click to enlarge)

Sometimes new ideas are so obvious you wonder why they weren’t thought of earlier. Altoids, the curiously strong mint, covered with dark chocolate – it’s one of those things that should have been done a long time ago. Despite the fact that these don’t officially hit stores until December, the gang at Altoids sent me two tins of each flavor so I could get a sneak peek at what’s to come and share my thoughts on them.

The tins they come in are the same size and shape of their naked brethren but with a dark chocolate color to them and the tins say things like “curiously chocolate” and “a curious and original chocolate experience”. Each one is generously dipped in dark chocolate making them look like small Junior Mints. There is a noticeable seam all around the circumference of the mint (barely visible in the above pic) which must be due to the way they dip them.

When I got the package opened, I went straight for the cinnamon, my favorite Altoids flavor. The chocolate works surprisingly well with the cinnamon. The chocolate looks and tastes just like the chocolate on a Junior Mint and is nice and sweet and tastes great. You can suck on them for a minute and melt all the chocolate off and you are left with a plain Altoid or you can just chew it up right away – both ways deliver great taste.

I tried the peppermint next and it was even better than the cinnamon. It’s like a crunchy Junior Mint. I found myself just crunching them up immediately and reaching for another. Great stuff. Here’s my prediction: within a year or so we will see individually wrapped Chocolate-Dipped Peppermint Altoids mints used as after-dinner mints at high-end restaurants. You heard it here first. If Altoids isn’t already working on this, they should get to work.

As for the Ginger, I had my first plain Ginger Altoids yesterday and hated it. Call me a wimp, call me what you will, but those are rough. I didn’t think covering them in chocolate would help, but I gave it a try. Nope. Not good. I had to eat some of the Cinnamon and Peppermint ones afterward to get that ginger taste out of my mouth. If you already like Ginger Altoids, you might like the chocolate-dipped ones, otherwise, I would steer clear.

The Peppermint and Cinnamon ones are great though. Look for them in stores soon.

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