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Candy Review: Werther’s Original Caramel Chocolate Dark

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Werther’s Caramel Chocolate Package

I love caramel. Anything dipped in it will do – apples, pretzels, onions… you get the picture. I still crave the old Marathon bar, the one with chocolate, braided caramel and a ruler on the back of the package. I rejoiced when Cadbury came out with a king-sized Caramello bar. At Halloween time, I eat the caramel discs that come with taffy apple kits and toss the apples. (Well, I don’t actually buy the apples, but, again, you get the picture.)

So I’ve been wanting to try Werther’s Original caramel chocolates ever since I saw the commercial on TV. Werther’s candies are marketed as treats handed down through the generations. They’re always showing some older gentleman (I hope it’s that kid’s grandpa) handing out candies to young tykes in short pants. There might be a little vaguely European candy shop where robust workers joyfully toil away on their sweet confections. (“I may be making minimum wage, but this caramel is off the hook!”) After eating their candy, folks generally hug, smile and live happily ever after. I don’t know if you can get this same feeling from a Twix bar.

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