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WARHEADS for Baldheads!

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What’s better than eating candy? Eating candy and supporting the fight to end kid’s cancer! It looks like WARHEADS® has teamed up with St. Baldrick’s Foundation and is sponsoring the organization’s second annual t-shirt design contest. In case you’re not familiar with the organization, St. Baldrick’s Foundation raises tons of money during its fund-raising events and donates it for childhood cancer research. Brave folks who shave their heads bald stand in solidarity with kids fighting cancer.

St. Baldrick’s Foundation

As if supporting a worthy cause wasn’t enough, the winner of the t-shirt design contest will have his or her design on some 60,000 people donning the shirts for head-shaving events. To, ahem, sweeten the pot more, WARHEADS® is giving the winner a 25 oz bag of WARHEADS® Extreme Sour Hard Candy, a WARHEADS® t-shirt, bandana, beanie and water-bottle. Oh, and there a super sweet $250 cashola prize for the winning designer and a $250 donation will be made to the Foundation in the designer’s name. WARHEADS® thinks we’re all winners so the second and third place submissions will also receive the WARHEADS® prize pack and their designs will be sold in the St. Baldrick’s CafePress store. So, check out St. Baldrick’s Foundation and thank WARHEADS® by buying their candy because we should encourage the positive things corporations do, too.


Warheads Warp Your Face

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Warheads Logo
One of the local radio stations in my area (G105) is challenging people to try WarHeads super-sour candy and snap a picture of the face you make right after putting it in your mouth. So far, they just have pics of the morning show doing it and no pictures from listeners, but they do have a video up of Kristin, one of the on-air personalities, trying six WarHeads at once. It is one of the funniest candy-related videos I have seen in a while. I laughed out loud multiple times while watching this video. It looks like she is having spasms or is going to hurl. Funny stuff. I feel her pain though.

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Candy Review: Warheads Super Sour Candy Spray

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Warheads Super Sour Spray

For about a dollar, I picked up Warheads Super Sour Spray at Walgreens. It took four sprays, but I finally couldn’t contain saying “this is nasty” out loud. I like Warheads candy, but the spray is gross. I made a puckery face when I tasted the liquid, but more because it tasted bad than because it was super sour.

Warheads Super Sour Spray comes in grape, watermelon, blue raspberry, and green apple. I picked grape at random. The spray itself is much less of a mist than I anticipated, and when I pumped it into the sink, a fairly powerful stream of bluish liquid hosed the basin.

According to the Warheads website, each Super Sour Spray bottle contains enough liquid candy for more than 100 sprays. One positive aspect of the spray concept is that it’s sharable—I could pass it around the house without passing around germs. Even after a trip around the house, the 20mL bottle was pretty full, and nobody claimed it when I offered it up for keeps.

My dad wanted to spray my mom’s feet with the candy to see if the dogs would go nuts, but I hid the bottle before he could create a disaster. Spray candy definitely has potential for fun, but the taste—at least Warheads Super Sour Grape—only has potential to be trashed.

Warheads aren’t the only makers of spray candy. It’s a fairly widespread concept, but I don’t plan on trying any others. I might spray my name on the sidewalk tomorrow and see if ants will follow the letters. Again, potential for fun, but not in my mouth.

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