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Vote for Jelly Belly’s Next New Flavor!

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Have you always dreamed of running your own candy company, making all the decisions, guiding the fate of flavors? Well, you still can’t do all that, but you can have a say in the choice of the newest Jelly Belly Jellybean flavor.

Out of over 200,000 flavor suggestions, five have been chosen to vie for public opinion and the chance to make it big as an official Jelly Belly flavor. The five choices are Sublime Chili Lime, Honey, Thai Iced Tea, Mojito, and Acai Berry. You can vote once per day through August 31, so if you see something you’d really like to try, get out there and vote!

A little while ago we came up with some new flavors of our own – check out Candy Addict’s Girly Beans! Somehow none of them managed to make it into the final five… oh well, maybe next time!

For the record, my choice is honey, but I think Acai berry could be interesting as well. Let us know your pick in the comments below!