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Candy Review: Dickies Pecan Roll

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Dickies Pecan Roll

After my stint with the artisan Wiseman House Chocolate products, I thought it would be nice to distance myself from the upper echelon/expensive side of Texas confection and return to the classic stuff I can find in my local drug stores.

By the checkout register of Walgreens, I spotted an assortment of Texan candies that are from all over the state. There were fudges, brittles, and peanut patties, but my sights were set on a product I hadn’t consumed in a while.

I had never heard of Dickies candy, nor of their parent company Tyler Candy Co. (or even Tyler, TX for that matter), but I was drawn to their Pecan Roll – even if it was because of their mascot of an elephant draped with the flag of Texas… possibly the official candy of the Texan republican party?

I had never eaten a pecan roll, but it seemed similar to those Yule Logs I find around Christmas, just this time covered in pecans instead of walnuts and minus the candied fruit.

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Retro Candy Flashback: Slo Poke Caramel Suckers

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Slo Poke Caramel Suckers

Before it became a Pokemon character, Slo Poke was a caramel sucker produced by the Gilliam Candy Company. Now, it is a true sucker, as opposed to a lollipop (though they are interchangeable words in our diction, they are not necessarily the same thing).

Originally manufactured by the Holloway Company in 1926, these eventually were appropriated by Gilliam. I can’t really say when since it appears the Gilliam Company is retro in its own right, i.e., there’s no website to speak of and very little information about this mysterious company exists.

Despite its maker’s unknown status, these are pretty well-remembered by those who lived during the “nostalgic age” of candy. I had heard about them from my father, but seemed to be unsuccessful in ever finding one until I spotted them this last week at Central Market for thirty cents.

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Candy Review: Frankford Candy’s Marshmallow Hearts

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Frankford Candy

While browsing the dwindling remnants of my H.E.B.s Valentine’s Day candy section, Frankford Candy’s Marshmallow Hearts caught my attention. Marshmallows are actually one of the better candies to buy in post-holiday sales because they preserve better than other types of candy.

Factoring in the sale, the whole bag cost me a mere forty-nine cents, practically a penny per piece. I probably wouldn’t normally buy marshmallows, excluding Peeps, for any more than that price.

These are about an inch at the longest point, and shaped like “hearts.” I put that word in quotations because some look like hearts; others in the beg seemed to have gone through cardiac arrhythmia in the gelling process.

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Candy Review: Brach’s Mini Review Roundup, Part II

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Brach’s Fruit Chews

Continuing from where I left off, here is my next tasting of Brach’s penny candy products. This review focuses on the the fruit-flavored items they manufacture.

Brach’s Fruit Chews
Made with real juice for a fun, fruity flavor.

These are similar to a Tootsie Roll Midgee, in terms of size and shape.

Orange is reminiscent of sherbet. It has an incredibly soft chew, like biting into a marshmallow. The piece isn’t sticky, but the flavor is muted, missing the zest a true orange flavor packs.

Strawberry aims for the smell of ripe strawberries – it hits the mark spot on. The piece is chewier than the orange, but sill soft. Unfortunately, the strawberry flavor is not as evocative as the smell, further exacerbated by a waxy aftertaste.

Grape makes my nose think of grape Bubble Tape when I unwrap it. The piece is the chewiest of them all, but still soft comparatively to other chews, like a really soft Starburst. The grape flavor is artificial, tasting exactly like the grape Bubble Tape. In fact, I completely forgot these were fruit chews and not gum until I noticed the pieces had dissolved in my mouth.

My overall impression of these is that they are harmless, but avoiding providing any real substance; if there were a dish of these at a waiting room, people would only take a few.

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Candy Recipe: Lots-a-Luv Cookies

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Lots-a-Luv Cookie

Valentine’s Day is inching closer and closer. And people always say the best gifts are ones given from the heart, but nothing says “I love you” better than something from the heart for the stomach.

So in honor of all those lovey-dovey cherubs hovering by, here is my February candy recipe of the month. I call it my Lots-a-Luv Cookies. These babies are sure to wow anyone you present them to because they aren’t the sort of things you would just hand over to anybody.

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