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Candy Giveaway: Green M&M’s!

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Those lovely folks over at M&M’s have generously offered to provide two Candy Addict readers with a nice little Valentine care package containing four packages of those seasonal favorites, All-Green M&M’s. How can you get in on the goodness? Simple! Just leave a comment that creatively uses the word “green” in some way. Two entries will be chosen at random (but only if your comment is creative – just leaving the word “green” won’t cut it!).

You have until midnight on Friday, February 6 to get those entries in, so get cracking!

Also, be sure to check out M&M’s The Color of Love Valentine’s Day contest. You could win a trip to Paris!

Our winners were Lauracat and Bob. Congratulations!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Candy Addict

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Candy Addict hearts

Candy heart generators:

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candy addict heart
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Chocolates making sweet, sweet love

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(video by Jay and Leah)

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we present to you this 50 second stop-motion video called “Chocolate Love”. I must admit though, after watching this I felt dirty – like I watched something I wasn’t supposed to see. If you have kids, you may want to have them leave the room while you watch it.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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For The Girl Who Has Everything: Chocolate Pasties

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Chocolate Pasties
Stumped for what to get your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day? Want a present which is sure to make an impression? Chocolate Pasties might be just the thing you’re looking for! Some time ago Brian reported about candy undies (for women and men – *shudder*). This version is for the chocoholic in you! The good people at Tom and Sally’s Handmade Chocolates have brought candy-eating to a whole new… erm… place.

Their website describes them thusly:

Now she can be fully clothed in chocolate. Each box contains two Chocolate Pasties and a Squeezers peanut butter applicator.

Fully clothed? Wearing these is considered fully clothed? I hate to imagine what she thinks of as workout gear! Clearly, whoever came up with the name “Squeezers” for the peanut butter applicator has got a good sense of humor. I think these are some of the most entertaining chocolate products I’ve seen in a while, bringing new meaning to the expression “chocolate lover.”

For those of you who want the entire ensemble, the clever people at Tom & Sally’s also have chocolate thongs in, you guessed it, both his and hers variety. The his variety is designed with…

Okay. I’m sorry. I just can’t write about these products seriously. Call me a prude, but I think some types of candy are really better left un-talked about. Let’s just say that now I’ve shown you the way to an unforgettable Valentine’s Day gift, it’s time for you Candy Addicts out there to get busy (buying candy, that is).

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Candy Review: Love Hearts Dip

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Love Hearts Dip

One day a young Candy Addict is sitting in the playground, eating a pack of Fun Dip. The new girl sits down next to him, takes out her own pack of Fun Dip, and eats hers. Their eyes meet, and then [warp speed] they grow up, get married, and it’s Valentine’s Day. Stuck with either flowers again or chocolate (which would wreak havoc on her hips), our young Candy Addict remembers their Fun Dip days fondly… and buys his young love one of these. Valentine themed Fun Dip… albeit Fun Dip, British style.

Made by the Swizzles-Matlow company, Swizzles Love Hearts Dip is just as teeth achingly sweet, silly and utterly hokey as you would hope it to be. My flavor selection had “Orange Sparkle”, “Tangy Raspberry” and “Zingy Lemon” in it. Unlike the American version, all of these powders are fizzy, not unlike the Love Hearts made by the same company.
So, is the gift a success? Let’s consider each flavor:

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