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Candy Review: Trolli Tropic-Os

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Trolli Tropic-O

I’ve been jonesing for something gummi for a while now. But I found myself unwilling to satisfy my cravings with something I had already consumed. I wanted something familiar, but new.

Such a specific guideline for candy purchase can be difficult, but it didn’t take me long to spot a promising candidate in the candy aisle of my local H.E.B: Trolli Tropic-Os. I am familiar with all the various flavors of these ring-shaped candies, i.e., peach, apple, watermelon, etc… but I hadn’t ever tried this tropical variety.

The bag didn’t reveal which flavor the rings were, but there was an image of a toucan perching on some pineapple, strawberries, coconut, and bananas, so I assumed that the flavors in the bag were going to be matches for those fruits.

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