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Candy Review: Caramel Apple Sugar Babies

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Caramel Apple Sugar Babies

I love Sugar Babies. I love their cute, conveniently “poppable” small size. I love their rich, sweet caramel taste and the long chew they provide your mouth. I love how they won’t melt in the summer heat. So to say I was excited, when I saw the new Caramel Apple Sugar Babies in their bright cheery green box at my local store, is quite an understatement.

Once I was home I immediately opened the box to see what these new Sugar Babies looked like. I was surprised when I rolled the first few into my hand. Whoa, these were so strange! The coating is a matte bright green and they seriously looked like plastic peas! The felt a little greasy to the touch, yet they didn’t leave any residue on my fingers. Again, strange.

The coating comes off immediately once it’s in your mouth. It’s the standard sour green apple Jolly Rancher flavor. It really hits your taste buds, as the flavor comes rushing in like a tsunami and then disappears just as quickly. Then the Sugar Baby comes in with its familiar sweet caramel flavor and stick-to-your-teeth texture. It’s like encountering your best friend in a Halloween costume: at first you’re confused, and then the familiar face appears from beneath the mask.

These are good, but they really feel like two separate candies to me. The two flavors interact so separately in your mouth that it’s hard to try and “taste” a caramel apple in there. They’re worth a try if you’re a big Sugar Baby fan, just to say you did!

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Retro Candy Flashback: Junior Mints

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Junior Mints

“Take it back inside and give it back to the man at the counter.”

My mom looked at me pointedly. Tears welled in my eyes. I clutched a box of Junior Mints, a box my mother knew the cashier hadn’t seen and she hadn’t paid for. I was four.

“That’s called stealing,” Mom said. “Take it back in and say you’re sorry.”

I did. To this day, I pay for every box of Junior Mints I consume. Looking back, I’m not sure what made me choose Junior Mints that fateful day. Maybe it has something to do with the glossy chocolate coating and how it encapsulated a perfect, creamy mint center. A retro candy staple first released in 1949, Junior Mints were my first mint love. Now that I’m older, I love garden mint body spray, mojitos, and any combinations of mint and chocolate I can find. Junior Mints were my candy gateway to all things mint.

They certainly don’t seem to compare to the other candies I preferred when I was a child. I loved bright, colorful, fruity candies, sweets so chewy they tugged at fillings. I fell for gimmicks, like special candy I could squeeze from a tube or wear around my wrist. But Junior Mints didn’t have to look cool. They tasted cool.

I’ll never forget them, because they taught me a pretty valuable lesson. Just because you can easily swipe a box of Junior Mints without paying doesn’t mean you should do it. Thanks, Ma (and delicious Junior Mints).

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Classic Tootsie Pop Commercial Gets a Makeover

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I don’t know how many times I’ve imitated Mr. Owl when I eat a Tootsie Pop. Something about his eager “One. Two-hoo! A-three.” piqued my interest from a very young age, which meant that the original animated commercial was extremely effective.

Cartoon Brew, an animation blog, recently discovered that this classic commercial received a 3D makeover. Instead of plain ink drawings on a stark background, everything in the new commercial is extremely detailed, from the ground underneath Mr. Turtle’s feet to the leaves on the trees behind Mr. Owl. Unfortunately, the little boy now looks like a mutated Hobbit.

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Candy Trivia: Black Crows Misnaming

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I’ll admit, I have never actually tasted Crows candy since they are licorice-flavored (and I hate licorice), but I thought this bit of trivia was interesting about them: “Originally, Crows were to be called “Black Rose”, but the printer misheard the name as “Black Crows” and printed wrappers with the wrong name on them.”

Seems like they would have put the name on paper rather than just saying it aloud, but I guess things worked differently back in the 1890′s when they were invented.

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Candy Review: Tootsie Roll Holiday Edition Vanilla Flavored Midgees

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Tootsie Roll Vanilla Flavored Midgees

I’m dreaming of a white…Tootsie Roll? Whether your head hit the pillow and filled with thoughts of albino candy or not, 14oz bags of Vanilla Flavored Midgees are here for the holidays.

I’m a huge fan of Tootsie Roll products (love the Tootsie Roll Mini Chews) and I was worried that the Vanilla Midgees would disappoint me like the Inside Out Junior Mints did. This time, a variation on the original is a good thing. The candy has a very strong vanilla scent, almost like sniffing a bottle of pure vanilla extract, and the flavor matches the strong aroma. No vanilla is listed in the ingredients, so the taste is artificial, but it’s novel artificial, like a fiberoptic Christmas tree.

The vanilla Midgees are slightly larger than original Midgees, and left a little bit of a sticky, waxy, greasy feel on my fingers. The pleasant aftertaste was welcome, but the slightly waxy feeling in my mouth was not. Complaints noted, the candy really is tasty, and the vanilla Midgees are a nice complement to any holiday candy bowl. Plus, the package is festive but not holiday specific—it’s blue and white with snowflakes, and the individual candies are wrapped in blue and white and say Limited Edition.

I didn’t find any information about the holiday vanilla Midgees on the Tootsie website, but I did learn of Tootsie Fruit Rolls, which include the vanilla candy in their mix. The Tootsie site says the Tootsie Fruit Rolls come in 5 flavors: cherry, lemon, orange, vanilla, and lime. If you decide you really like the Vanilla Tootsie Rolls, check out this Vanilla Tootsie Roll Candy Wreath. Talk about festive!

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