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Litterbox Cake

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Litterbox Cake

I don’t know why I think this is so funny. Maybe it’s because I have three cats and I’m intimately familiar with litterboxes. Maybe it’s because I have the maturity of a 12-year-old in my 30-something-year-old body. This is a cake but it looks just like a litterbox. It’s made with either a spice or a German chocolate cake mix, white cake mix, white sandwich cookies, instant vanilla pudding mix, green food coloring, and 12 Tootsie Rolls. I love the description:

Litterbox Cake is a moist, tasty medley of cake and instant pudding accented with green cookie crumbs and chocolate candy “turds”. It’s especially appropriate for a cat-lover’s wedding or birthday, but really it’s hard to think of an occasion when a Litterbox Cake wouldn’t hit the spot.

Some more great quotes from the recipe:

  • “Place a new liner in the new cat box. (This is not a time to cheap out on used goods!) “
  • “Put three unwrapped Tootsie Rolls in a microwave-safe dish. Heat them until soft and pliable, about ten to twenty seconds. Using your fingers, shape the ends so that they are tapered and slightly curved at the ends. (Analysis of the contents of an actual cat box may be useful for research purposes.)”
  • “You may also wish to artistically drape one or more Tootsie Rolls over the side of the box”
  • “Serves one teenager, 5-6 inebriated adults, or zero sober adults.”

Litterbox Cake Accessory

My sister‘s birthday is next month – I am sooooooo tempted to make this for her. While checking out the Tacky Living site for the Litterbox Cake recipe, be sure and check out the recipe for Tic Tac Pie also – it’s a pie that requires 4 boxes of orange Tic Tacs!

UPDATE: Lonnie sent in a picture (seen below) of the litterbox cake he made! YUCK! Thanks, Lonnie!

Litterbox Cake

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Tootsie Roll Frooties

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Seth over at posted today about Frooties. Frooties? What the heck are Frooties? I wondered if they were a new name for those fruit-flavored Tootsie Rolls that I despise so (if it says Tootsie Roll and is shaped like a Toosie Roll, I want a CHOCOLATE Tootsie Roll, thank you very much). Nope – it’s a different (though similar) candy:

Tootsie Roll Frooties are soft chewy candies that carry the taste of fresh fruit.

Well, that explains it!

They come in 9 fun fruity flavors: Banana-Berry, Green Apple, Grape, Smooth Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Fruit Punch, Pink Lemonade, Strawberry and Watermelon.

Hmmmm…..I don’t think I have ever had these or even heard of them before. The site says they were invented in the 1970′s – how could I have missed them? Has anyone (besides Seth) had these before? The flavors sound pretty good – I’m going to have to find some.

While on the Tootsie Roll site, I found another product I have never seen before: Tootsie Pops Tropical Stormz

Tootsie Pop Tropical Stormz is an assortment of five delicious tropical flavored Tootsie Pops. The hard candy on each pop is a combination of two tropical flavors presented in a colorful swirl.

Sounds…..interesting, but give me a good old grape Tootsie Pop any day and I’m a happy guy.