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Candy Review: Toblerone’s One by One

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Toblerone Onebyone Package

Go ahead and twist my arm. Make make me review Toblerone’s One by One, a tasty treat manufactured by one of my favorite chocolate companies. In fact, make me review the One by One assortment as often as you like. These little chocolate pyramids are every bit as delicious – and in some cases even more so – as their better-known bigger cousins.

Remember those dark days when you could only find Toblerone candy in an airport’s duty-free shop? Well, we’re living in enlightened times; those dang delicious bars are everywhere now, from your local gas station to the supermarket down the street. But that doesn’t mean that the candy’s quality has diminished. Toblerone bars are still made in Bern, Switzerland, where they have been produced since 1908.

It’s true that nothing is better than Toblerone’s super-sized 10-lb. jumbo bar, large enough to knock a home run not only out of the park but into outer space, too. For more modest appetites, though, Toblerone now offers the ‘One by One’ five-variety pack. This pack contains a treat for every rabid Toblerone fan: snack-sized individually wrapped triangles of five versions of the company’s chocolate.

The mini-review? Each variety has its own charms. Some are outstanding. Others are a bit below average. But it’s like buying a greatest-hits album: you’ll love some songs, and you’ll tolerate them all.

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Candy Review: Toblerone Fruit & Nut

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Toblerone Fruit & Nut

You know how there are some candies which remind you of certain types of people? Charms Blow Pops remind me of snarky teenage girls, Mentos reminds me of Europeans riding bikes, Werther’s Originals remind me of dirty old men, Tic Tacs of skinny people… you get the idea. For some reason Toblerone is one of those candies which I associate with two types of people: middle aged men and backpackers in Europe. The former because my Dad always ate Toblerone, and the latter because I can recall seeing many a backpacker in Europe carting around those enormous 10 pound size Toblerone bars to take home as a souvenir.

I should say up front that I actually love Toberlone bars – the quality of the chocolate is great, the nougat gives a lovely texture and the unique shape appeals to me. When I saw bars of Toblerone Fruit & Nut on sale, I was intrigued – mostly because I also think Fruit & Nut combos in chocolate are another thing only older men eat. Toblerone + dried fruit = candy bar for the geriatric market?

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Toblerone Logo Hiding a Bear?

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Hidden bear Toblerone logo

I dig Toblerone bars, but I’m more apt to shove them in my mouth than to scrutinize the packaging. Neatorama brought the “hidden” bear in its logo to our attention – once you see it, you will never unsee it!

A little research tells us that Toblerone candy originated in Bern, Switzerland, a city whose name is rumored to mean “City of Bears.” Incredibly obvious now, isn’t it?

Editor’s note: We still haven’t done a proper review of Toblerone, one of my favorite chocolates. Note to self…. review Toblerone

Toblerone, chocolate, logo

Toblerone MP3 Player

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Toblerone MP3 Player

A manufacturer in Hong Kong has come out with a Toblerone (one of my favorite chocolates) branded MP3 player. Really though – who buys 128MB MP3 players nowadays? I guess it would go well with the Frisk MP3 Player, the PEZ MP3 Player, and the Altoids Tin MP3 Player.

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