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Candy Review: Bold Tic Tacs: Berry Sour & Apple Sour

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Bold Tic-Tacs

There’s something about the mint variety of candy that makes me smile. I think it’s the specialized packaging. Those mint tins and the plastic containers make mints the handiest of the hard candies. They’re designed for portability, for sticking in your pocket or your purse and popping in your mouth when you need a quick breath pick-me-up. I mean, everyone recognizes that a small, hinged metal tin means Altoids. Even PEZ began as a mint, which evolved when those wonderfully designed dispensers started to gain faces.

And then there’s the wonderful plastic rectangle of the Tic Tacs. Ah, Tic Tacs, my 1 1/2 calorie treat. You can hear them shake at the bottom of a bag and immediately know what they are. It’s pretty nifty that they’re trying out new flavors. We looked at the Cherry Passion Tic Tacs not too long ago, and now I’m checking out the new Bold flavors: Berry Sour and Apple Sour.

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Candy Review: Cherry Passion Tic Tacs

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cherry passion tic tacs
For all of you Candy Addicts out there who are feeling all bummed out ’cause winter’s coming – take heart. There is hope. And it’s only 1 1/2 little calories. I speak, of course, of the genius new Cherry Passion Tic Tacs.

The color combination is distinctly reminiscent of my favorite popsicle, the Big Stick. The flavors aren’t too far off from a Big Stick, either; although, to me, they are a little more modern and exotic. They’re refreshingly fruity and not very artificial-tasting, and, I think, pleasing to kid and adult palates alike.

If you’re not entirely familiar with the passion fruit, it’s kind of “tropical punch-y.” Let me tell you, those Tic Tac people got the color and taste spot on. The cherry candies are also very nice, kind of a black cherry with just a hint of bitterness. Unlike, say Ice Breakers Fruit Sours, the flavors combine quite nicely, so you can eat them in the dark. That’s a distinct advantage in my book. Of course, it’s also nice to separate out a mouthful of just one flavor.

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Tic Tac LED flashlight

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Tic Tac LED Flashlight

If you’re handy with a soldering iron, here is a neat hack to create an LED flashlight out of 3 AAA batteries, an empty Tic Tac dispenser (doesn’t have to be orange), a resistor, an LED, and a microswitch. I’m tempted to actually give this a try since I have all of these items lying around the garage – might be a fun way to kill a few minutes.

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Tic Tacs

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Tic Tac

Ferrero USA, Inc., has announced Tic Tac Stocking Stuffers which contain two packs each of Freshmint, spearmint and cinnamon in holiday-themed gift boxes with to/from tags. They have a SRP of $2.49.

I haven’t had a Tic Tac in years, though I do remember really liking the orange ones. My question is this – does anyone still buy Tic-Tacs in the age of Altoids, Oral Fixation Mints, and the like? When was the last time you were offered a Tic-Tac? I think I saw Tic-Tacs in the Dollar Store last time I was in there – are they still sold in “regular” stores? Does anyone else remember the Tic Tac song from the commercial? I think it went….”Put a Tic-Tac in your mouth and get a [pop into mouth and make a POP sound] BANG out life!” Man, I’m really showing my age here….and I’m rambling.

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