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Candy Addict is still in transition, but I thought it would be nice to give you something to tide you over. So enjoy and keep watching for our return to full function soon!

Since it’s awards season, I was noticing the marked lack of candy-related awards. I’m sure it’s just an oversight on the part of the various academies. But as a dedicated Candy Addict it’s my job to help remedy that fact.

I’m thinking the category should be something like “Best Use of Candy as a Prop in a Motion Picture or Television.” My nominees are:

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My adventures in TV as a candy expert

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Brian on TV
So, as many of you may know, I was on CNBC’s “The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch” on Monday night as a candy expert!

UPDATE: The clip is now on YouTube.

It was an amazingly fun experience and I thought I’d share the details with everyone. I’m still hoping I can get a digital clip of it and post it. Until then, here’s the narrative of how it happened…

I got an email from the show’s producer on Thursday, May 15 looking for a candy expert for the show. I wanted to do it but I was flying Monday night to Chicago for the All Candy Expo so I wasn’t sure if we could make it work. We ended up flying me Monday morning to NY, flew me back to RDU, then from RDU to Chicago. Phew! The show covered the costs of my flights to and from NY, of course.

On Friday, May 16, I got some more emails from the producer and she said one of the other panelists I would be with was Kevin Nealon from Saturday Night Live. KEVIN NEALON! OMG! Huge fan! Is she serious? (she was)

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Candy Addict on TV

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Current TV

Yes, that’s right, we were on TV Sunday. We were on Current TV’s Google Current segment (yeah – I hadn’t heard of it either). According to the site, “Current is a national cable and satellite channel dedicated to bringing your voice to television.” I don’t get this channel in my area, but a reader named Dani saw it and let me know about it.

In the 3 minute, 40 second segment (titled Gummi Chicken Feet), they talk about ice cream, mention a motorized ice cream-licker at, mention, Chick-O-Stick, and right around the 2:15 mark they mention Candy Addict! They start out mentioning my review of deep fried Snickers then go on to talk about the Weird Candy category here on Candy Addict and mention Chocolate Cat’s Tongue, Gummi Chicken Feet, and they finish off the segment with the Explosive Chocolate Bomb.

They are even using one of my photos of a deep fried Snickers as the icon for the segment. You can watch the whole segment online on the Current TV website. Did anyone else catch it on TV?

I’m just a guy who likes candy and started a website – do you know how cool it is to be mentioned on TV? Even if it is a little-known channel? I was thrilled when we were mentioned in a newspaper and on the radio! Just had to share. :)

(Thanks again to Dani for telling me!)