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Free Tic Tac T-shirts for Canadian Candy Addict Readers

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Tic Tac guyI heart small fun
Remember Tic Tac’s Small Fun Revolution Campaign? Tic Tac has now picked their Small Fun Champion! The winning video is “Not Just a Mint” – a video full of Tic Tacs and claymation goodness!

Now that the contest has ended, Tic Tac would like to offer our Canadian Candy Addict readers a chance to wear the Small Fun Revolution. The first 50 Canadian Candy Addict readers to email tictac@noisedigital.com before August 15, 2010 with:

  1. The name of the winning video
  2. Preferred t-shirt design (“Tic Tac Guy” or “I Heart Small Fun”)
  3. Preferred t-shirt size (Sizes are S, M, L or XL)
  4. Their Canadian mailing address

will receive a free Tic Tac t-shirt! (how cool is that?!?!?) What are you waiting for? Send that email! (If you don’t have a Canadian mailing address, you cannot get the free tee)

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