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Teenormous – a t-shirt search engine

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Teenormous logo

I started Candy Addict almost three years ago, but candy isn’t all I am into (snacks are another). I also love t-shirts, as you can tell by the number of times we have written about t-shirts. Because of this, I have been busy lately working on a brand new site called Teenormous. It’s essentially a t-shirt search engine right now, though we have big plans for the site and will be adding tons of new features to make it much more than just a search engine. Right now we have almost 15,000 t-shirts indexed and searchable. Take a look and see what you think.

Oh – and to keep this candy-focused, you can find candy t-shirts at the site too. Enjoy!

S’more 101 T-shirt

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S’more 101 T-shirt

(image from

I’m not really a big fan of numbers. Or science. Or instruction manuals, for that matter. So I don’t really know if all the specs work out. But I do enjoy t-shirts. And I love s’mores. And since my affinity for the latter outweighs my disdain for the former at a ratio of exactly 7652:1 (did I do that right? Like I said, I’m really more for the candy than the math) I feel that puts me in the clear to adore this S’mores how-to shirt from Threadless.

My only concern? I have always – always – constructed my s’mores with the marshmallow on top of the chocolate square. Have they changed the rules since I took S’more 101? ‘Cause I gotta tell ya, I don’t know that I’m willing to change. It’s pretty perfect that way. Despite this flaw, however, I am looking forward to the “more detailed instructions” promised to follow in S’more 201. Do you think that includes the introduction of additional ingredients? Because a thin layer of peanut butter spread beneath Graham Cracker Sheet #1 makes for an awesome advanced s’more.

Candy Addict T-shirts

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I was dying to own a Candy Addict t-shirt of my own so I finally did it. I had some t-shirts professionally screenprinted and they look fabulous. They are a nice grape-y/purple color with yellow text.

Candy Clothing: Nerds Rule T-Shirt

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Nerds Rule T-Shirt

If I had a business card that stated the adjectives most appropriate for describing me, the first one would definitely be “Candy Addict.” The second? Nerd. I love sci-fi and computers almost as much as I love candy. Come to think of it, I’m happiest camped out in front of the TV watching Star Trek reruns and eating bonbons than I am anywhere else. Now, there’s a shirt that embraces both primary aspects of my personality.

From NerdyShirts comes the Nerds Rule T-Shirt. Featuring a nerd holding a box of Nerds, the shirt’s a great way to proclaim your or your loved one’s candy addicted nerdiness. At $20, though, I know I don’t have enough cash left over from my post-Easter purchases to buy one for myself. Ah well, at least my birthday is coming up soon…

shirt, Nerds

Chocolate Moose T-shirt

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One of my favorite online T-shirt shops, Threadless, has come out with a new t-shirt that isn’t exactly candy-related, but it’s chocolate, so it’s close enough. It’s called The Elusive Chocolate Moose. I don’t think it’s quite as good as the Operation Sweet Tooth t-shirt (that’s still out of stock) I wrote about last year, but it’s still pretty snazzy.