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Candy Event: Swedish Fish Party

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Swedish Fish Party

When reading this article, please keep in mind that I am, in point of fact, actually a crotchety old teetotaler in a 27-year old’s body. I hate people, alcohol, and loud music, in that order. It’s a shock I’m still single.

A while back Brian got an invitation to attend a party hosted by Swedish Fish to celebrate their new ad campaign. Since I’m the only staff Addict in New York City, he passed the invite on to me. I asked my friend Jane to go with me, and on Tuesday night I headed into Manhattan to meet her and go together to Dylan’s Candy Bar.

Candy SushiBeing the overall moron that I am, I completely forgot to bring a digital camera with me. Duh. They took pictures of us with a giant Swedish Fish as we went up, but I’m telling you now, I will not be sharing them. Ever. Don’t ask. It won’t happen. Jane, however, had a camera phone and she got this image of what turned out to be the most interesting thing of the evening – candy sushi in the flesh! I didn’t try it (sour isn’t my thing) but Jane said it was pretty gross – they didn’t get the memo about using Rice Krispie Treats as the inside and used real rice instead.

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