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Candy Review: Caramel Apple Sugar Babies

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Caramel Apple Sugar Babies

I love Sugar Babies. I love their cute, conveniently “poppable” small size. I love their rich, sweet caramel taste and the long chew they provide your mouth. I love how they won’t melt in the summer heat. So to say I was excited, when I saw the new Caramel Apple Sugar Babies in their bright cheery green box at my local store, is quite an understatement.

Once I was home I immediately opened the box to see what these new Sugar Babies looked like. I was surprised when I rolled the first few into my hand. Whoa, these were so strange! The coating is a matte bright green and they seriously looked like plastic peas! The felt a little greasy to the touch, yet they didn’t leave any residue on my fingers. Again, strange.

The coating comes off immediately once it’s in your mouth. It’s the standard sour green apple Jolly Rancher flavor. It really hits your taste buds, as the flavor comes rushing in like a tsunami and then disappears just as quickly. Then the Sugar Baby comes in with its familiar sweet caramel flavor and stick-to-your-teeth texture. It’s like encountering your best friend in a Halloween costume: at first you’re confused, and then the familiar face appears from beneath the mask.

These are good, but they really feel like two separate candies to me. The two flavors interact so separately in your mouth that it’s hard to try and “taste” a caramel apple in there. They’re worth a try if you’re a big Sugar Baby fan, just to say you did!

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Quick Candy Reviews

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Chocolate Covered Sugar Babies

Lots of quick candy reviews, not worthy of their own posts, but worth mentioning…

  • Looking for Slammers this weekend, I found Hershey’s Whoppers Milkshake milk instead and tried it. It really does taste like a malty milkshake only it’s not frozen, just cold. It is SUPER sweet – too sweet really. The 14 oz. bottle of thick milk serves two but who drinks half a bottle? Oh, and you don’t want to know how much fat and calories are in this thing.
  • I also ran across a new Limited Edition candy I had not heard of before so I picked up a box: Chocolate-Covered Sugar Babies. Overall, I wasn’t impressed. The chocolate was waxy and just like the chocolate on Milk Duds. The chocolate slid off almost totally at the first bite and never really mixed with the caramel of the Sugar Babies. If you like Sugar Babies, stick to the original.
  • I also tried a Milky Way Ice Cream Bar. Oh yeah. Just as good as the Snickers Ice Cream Bar. Fan-freakin’-tastic.
  • I ate a Cadbury Twirl Friday that my wife picked up for me at the World Market. It’s a British chocolate candy that is very smooth and has lots of layers running the length of the roll. It has a bit of an odd taste to it at first but it ended up being pretty good. I recommend it if you like the distinctive taste of Cadbury chocolate.
  • Wrigley’s Extra Watermelon Gum is really good. It has a great watermelon taste and really does last extra long.