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Candy Recipe: Birthday Cake Bark

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birthday cake bark

Confession: I have four pounds of almond bark makings in my pantry right this second. I love to experiment with all kinds of different candy bark flavors. Last holiday season, I made peanut butter chocolate bark, fruitcake bark, mint chocolate-chip bark, and coffee bark. I wasn’t clever enough to think of this Birthday Cake Bark, though, which is the brainchild of  Jessica at How Sweet It Is.

You don’t have to wait until the holidays to enjoy candy bark anymore! Now you can have your birthday cake bark and eat it too.

Candy Review: Wonka Donutz

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Wonka Donutz

I’m not sure at what point in life I no longer liked candy sprinkles, but after eating a Wonka Donutz, I know I have passed that point in my life. Everyone loves chocolate donuts, right? So how can you miss with a candy that looks (and tastes?) like a chocolate donut? Somehow Wonka missed the mark with these though. Donutz come in various packaging sizes: one large Donutz, a tray of 12 small Donutz, and a pack of 3 small Donutz. The Donutz I tried came from the pack of 12 small Donutz. The Donutz (from the 12-pack) themselves are about an inch in diameter.

Donutz don’t taste terrible, they contain just average (maybe a little below) chocolate, but the sprinkles on them pushes the taste into the “I don’t like it” category. The Donutz are filled with a chocolate goo that again, isn’t great, but isn’t bad. The Donutz aren’t so bad that if this were the only candy I had, I wouldn’t eat it (I would), but I would take just about any other candy instead of these (well, except for Stoner Pops).

Obviously, they are having second thoughts on the whole Donutz thing too since they have an online survey asking people what they think of Donutz. I let them know how I felt. If I never eat a Donutz again, it will be too soon.

“Wonka Donutz is the Candy Donutz with a creamy chocolatey center”, their slogan says. Seems like a bad slogan when even the pluralization is wrong. Is Donutz singular or plural? Or is it both, like the word “deer”? Does anyone care?

Wonka Donutz Rating: 1/5 – if you find these in the bargain bin after Halloween, leave them there.