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Candy Review: Toxic Waste Sour Candy Spray

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Toxic Waste Sour Spray Candy

Yes, Candy Addict readers, it’s yet another attempt to find a sour candy which is sour enough for me! Toxic Waste Sour Candy Spray comes in a handy purse-pack size, and is topped with one of three removable plastic fingerpuppets: an adorable plastic mushroom cloud (aka Mr. Toxie Head aka Professor Sauernoggin), an evil scientist, or an evil rat. I was lucky enough to sample the green apple flavor (usually a good choice for sourness) thanks to Brian’s haul at the All Candy Expo. Toxic Waste sprays also come in Blue Raspberry, Cherry and Strawberry.

Candy Dynamics rate this candy as “extreme” which, after several single-pump sprays, made me wonder if my taste buds aren’t dead. Don’t get me wrong, the spray is definitely sour. Just not all that sour. There is an initial burst of sourness, and a definite green apple flavor when you first spray it. The flavor dissipates after about 5 seconds, leaving a bit of an aftertaste.

I ended up experimenting with different numbers of sprays (2, 5, 10) to see if it made any difference to the experience and it definitely does. Five sprays is seriously sour, and ten sprays is… well… extreme! This is probably due to the concentration of candy in your mouth at one time.

Overall, a pleasantly sour experience. I don’t know that I’d run out and buy one of these candy sprays, but that’s mostly because my son took one look at me spraying this stuff in my mouth and said, “Ummm, Mom? What the heck are you doing?” So while the sour quotient on this is high, the cool factor (for a 30-something) is a bit low. Of course, he then demanded to have a spray… and one spray for him was definitely extreme. Clearly, he’s got a lot to learn about the pursuit of sourness!

Buy Toxic Waste candy online:

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Candy Review: Warheads Super Sour Candy Spray

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Warheads Super Sour Spray

For about a dollar, I picked up Warheads Super Sour Spray at Walgreens. It took four sprays, but I finally couldn’t contain saying “this is nasty” out loud. I like Warheads candy, but the spray is gross. I made a puckery face when I tasted the liquid, but more because it tasted bad than because it was super sour.

Warheads Super Sour Spray comes in grape, watermelon, blue raspberry, and green apple. I picked grape at random. The spray itself is much less of a mist than I anticipated, and when I pumped it into the sink, a fairly powerful stream of bluish liquid hosed the basin.

According to the Warheads website, each Super Sour Spray bottle contains enough liquid candy for more than 100 sprays. One positive aspect of the spray concept is that it’s sharable—I could pass it around the house without passing around germs. Even after a trip around the house, the 20mL bottle was pretty full, and nobody claimed it when I offered it up for keeps.

My dad wanted to spray my mom’s feet with the candy to see if the dogs would go nuts, but I hid the bottle before he could create a disaster. Spray candy definitely has potential for fun, but the taste—at least Warheads Super Sour Grape—only has potential to be trashed.

Warheads aren’t the only makers of spray candy. It’s a fairly widespread concept, but I don’t plan on trying any others. I might spray my name on the sidewalk tomorrow and see if ants will follow the letters. Again, potential for fun, but not in my mouth.

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