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New Year, New Writers!

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It’s a new year, and that can mean only one thing! Headaches and hangovers? No! New writers for Candy Addict!

Actually, some of you may know them from our sister site, Snackerrific. Our fabulous writers Jim, Diana, Linda, Allissa, and Rachel have joined us here at Candy Addict. At the same time, you may find articles by some of your favorite Candy Addicts over at Snackerrific.

Here’s hoping your New Year is safe, happy, and sugar-laden, and a big welcome to our new(ish) writers!

Snackerrific Roundup: Cookies Are The New Black, Chips Are Still Hip, And A Classic Is Vintage Trendy Once Again

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Cookies are still as popular as ever, and you know that by the number of reviews our sister site Snackerrific has compiled on them. These last few weeks feature reviews from all over the cookie globe, including a Japanese cookie, a Philadelphia classic of spiced wafers, and West Coast gourmet at an affordable price in Trader Joe’s Mexican hot chocolate cookies.

The Ying to the cookie Yang in the snack world has to be chips. And believe it, there are no shortage of reviews on those either. Another flavor of Michael Season’s multigrain chips gets its spot in the limelight, while Food Should Taste Good chips gets an exclusive critique on their six awesome and unexpected flavor varieties ranging from sweet potato to chocolate.

Also highlighted in these recent articles is Linda’s continuing venture into the world of yogurt, where she bravely samples the Greek yogurt Fage. But probably the biggest and best news of all is the return of Viennetta! This classic ice cream and chocolate dessert cake is making a limited debut in the supermarkets, so head on over to get the latest scoop!

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Snackerrific Roundup: Snacks And News Go Healthy This Time ‘Round

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Our sister site Snackerrific has been digging the latest the trends of healthy snacks. Why, in these last few weeks, there have been reviews on yogurt, cookies made from an assortment of whole grains, chocolate-covered bananas, and baked cheese curls.

There’s even an article written explaining the science behind why bed-time snacking isn’t really that good for your waist-size, and when you should eat that snack (or candy) during the day to most effectively avoid the pounds.

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Snackerrific Roundup: Extreme Makeover Website Edition, The Tastiest Mystery Novel, And The Antipodean Cookie Invasion!

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It seems like just yesterday our sister site Snackerrific was just a little girl. Now, she’s growing up. This popular young lady has even gotten herself a makeover with some flashy animated logos and a new design that just dares you not to get hungry looking at it.

And it’s not just her looks that are maturing. She’s becoming well-read, having finished the mystery book that is compellingly titled The Snack Thief. She’s even educating about the foods of the world by mentioning a cookie from down under known as Tim Tams that are making their debut in the US (side note, OMG! I heart me some Tim Tams and missed them so when I moved away from New Zealand).

And even though she’s prettier and more sophisticated than before, that doesn’t mean she has lost the ability to let loose and have fun with reviews on Breyer’s Triple Chocolate Ice Cream or Buttermilk Ranch Potato Chips. So head on over to see the new Snackerrific and catch up on the latest trends that all you snack fans should know about.

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Snackerrific Roundup: The New Reese’s of the Snack World, How to Lose Weight Without Trying, and Japaenese Syllabic Poetry!

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There are moments in your life when a little voice inside you screams for joy when you see a particular snack on the supermarket shelf. For me, my inner, former fraternity boy persona did exactly that this past week. And what could be responsible for such an awakening?

Beer Chips! Yes, that’s right, they now combine the peanut butter and chocolate of the candy world with the equivalent in the snack world. And wait, it’s not just beer. There’s also a Bloody Mary and Margarita variety.

And how did I learn about such an amazing and long overdue snack? On our sister site Snackerrific of course! And for those of you shying away from beer and/or chips, check out some healthy reviews, including a drink that makes you lose weight by consuming it! And no, it’s not beer-flavored.

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