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Candy Review: Skittles Chocolate Mix

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Skittles Chocolate Mix
One of the many new products that were being displayed at the All Candy Expo was this new addition to the MARS family: Skittles Chocolate Mix. They were kind enough to give me a few samples and as I walked away from the booth I looked at the package with a strange sense of curiosity and confusion. I’m wondering how this all fits into “Tasting the Rainbow.” Is the new rainbow shades of brown?

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Candy Review: Carnival Skittles

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Carnival Skittles Package
One of the newest limited edition candies on the block are the Carnival Skittles. They immediately stand out in their playful yellow wrapper amongst all the other candies and I was lucky enough to find them in a convenience store that is close to where I work.

The package happily displays the flavors of a “carnival”: Bubble Gum, Cotton Candy, Green Slushie, Candy Apple, and Red Licorice. The smell of the opened package is very sweet and fruity and it’s hard to distinguish any of the flavors in the aroma. The candies are really pretty; whoever chose the colors did a great job with the color palette.

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Skittles Singing Opera Rabbit Commercial

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I could barely stay on the couch when I first saw the Skittles rabbit commercial on TV, and now I can play it over and over again on YouTube. I have two rabbits—Cletus and Abner—but neither of them sing, unlike the Skittles rabbit, who makes an oddly pleasant, incessant, howl-like opera sound. I liked the clucking Cadbury bunny, but the Skittles critter is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time.

Add this to the list of other weird Skittles commercials and you have some seriously entertaining (but seriously odd) candy commercials.

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Weird Skittles Commercials

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I ran across a Skittles commercial on the web today that I haven’t seen on TV yet. This one is dubbed “Skittles Leak”. It’s weird and funny at the same time. You can view it by clocking on the image above.

By now, surely everyone has seen the Skittles “Long Beard” commercial. Just in case you haven’t, you can view it by clicking the image below.

Whatever ad agency is doing these commercials needs a raise. I hope there is more in this series.

Just for comparison – here are two OLD Skittles commercials:

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Liquorice (licorice) Skittles

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Licroice Skittles

Did you know that Skittles makes (made?) Liquorice Skittles and they were available in non-US markets? I stumbled upon this page that talks about them then found a blog entry talking about them. Here is a description:
  • green — aniseed. They taste much like the Springerle cookies my mom used to make at christmas every year. Yummy.
  • yellow — vanilla. A nice combination of vanilla flavour and liquorice.
  • white — mint. A bit too minty for my taste.
  • red — spice. I think it’s cinnamon but it burns a little on the tongue.
  • black — liquorice. Very strong liquorice flavour.

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The most recent mention of Liquorice Skittles I found was in 2003 and I found a few mentions as far back as 2001. The Skittles product list doesn’t mention them so I have to assume they are not being made anymore. Has anyone (ever) seen these? (Not that I want any – I hate licorice.)

Speaking of Skittles, I need to find a bag of Ice Cream Skittles – sounds nasty, but might be a fun review. UPDATE: i found some Ice Cream Skittles – not bad, but not great.

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