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Candy Art: An Interview with Vanessa St. Laurent

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Peppermints by Vanessa St Laurent

Peppermints by Vanessa St. Laurent

When I first saw some of Vanessa St. Laurent’s artwork, I started to drool. I mean my mouth literally began to water. You see, Vanessa paints pictures of candy. Her work ranges from really fun to surprisingly provocative. I had no idea you could use candy to express such a variety of emotions. I decided to talk with the artist herself to see what she had to say.

Cadence: Why candy art? How did you get started on this path?

Vanessa: I paint candy because I love it. I have been a Candy Addict since I was old enough to taste. I started painting candy in 2005 when I had to choose a single subject that would serve as a source of inspiration for an entire year. I switched topics several times before deciding that the only thing I never seem to get enough of or get tired of is candy. Three years later candy still serves as an endless source of inspiration for me.

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