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Life Savers Real Fruit Sherbet

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LifeSavers Real Fruit Sherbet

While browsing the ice cream freezer in my local grocery store today I spied Life Savers Real Fruit Sherbet. Combining the two foods I love most, ice cream and candy, they are probably the brightest edible products I have ever seen in the freezer section. The sherbet is made by a dairy company called Kemps and according to the website and press release, each comes with five flavors and they come in four different varieties:

  • 5 Flavor: cherry, pineapple, watermelon, raspberry, and orange
  • Rainbow Sherbet: lemon, lime, orange, raspberry, and strawberry-kiwi
  • Wild Berries: blackberry, strawberry, cherry berry, red raspberry, and black raspberry
  • Tropical Fruits: banana, tangerine, fruit punch, pina colada, and mango melon

They sound like they might be good for making punches for parties, and I bet kids will love them, but I’m not huge on sherbets in general (except orange) and I wanted to make sundaes, so I went with a Cookies N Cream ice cream instead, thus no review.

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