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Candy Recipe: Chocolate Covered Pretzels (Crispies and Peanuts)

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Chocolate Covered Pretzel Dipping

In my house, the holidays spell candy in a big way. When I was a kid, we’d start making Christmas candy a week or two before Christmas. Now that I have two children with birthdays in early and mid December, we basically have one big party from Thanksgiving to New Year’s.

This year, mainly because of my new Candy Addict status, we decided to begin the candy making before Thanksgiving. I’d like to share a simple recipe with you, and maybe you’d like to start a new family tradition on this Thanksgiving Day. A tradition worthy of a true Candy Addict. Forget football – make candy after dinner!

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Candy Review: Theo 3400 Phinney Bread & Chocolate Dark Chocolate Bar

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Theo 3400 Phinney Bread and Chocolate Bar

What did you say? A dark chocolate and bread candy bar? Yes, please.

As a man not unaccustomed to spreading melted chocolate chips on toast, Nutella on Ritz, and fudge sauce on pretzels, I was extra ready to try Theo’s 3400 Phinney specialty bar. I think bread (with its salt and texture) goes well with the sweetness of chocolate. (The name of this bar, by the way, refers to Theo’s factory address.)

The other appealing aspect to this bar: it’s certified organic and it’s Fair Trade. The first is better for your human body, the second for other human beings who farm and work in foreign countries.

That’s great, and justifies a higher price, but a candy’s got to deliver the goods, right? This one does.

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