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Candy Review: Kimmie Candy ChocoRocks and Sunbursts

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Kimmie Candy ChocoRocks

It’s rare that a candy company can impress me with some new and interesting products, but the people at Kimmie Candy have done just that. Stranger still was that I opened the box of treats from them and thought, “What the….?” (but in a good way!) I had the pleasure of sampling two of their products – the ChocoRocks and the Sunbursts – both of which impressed me with both taste and originality.

ChocoRocks are exactly what they sound like they should be – “boulders” of chocolate covered in a candy shell so that they look pretty much like they’ve just come out of your garden bed. Sunbursts are dry roasted sunflower kernels which are covered in cocoa and then a colored candy shell – you can purchase them as color themes (Christmas, Easter, etc) or in single-color bags.

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