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Candy Review: Limited Edition Razzberry M&M’s

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Razzberry M&Ms

If Sno-Caps were called Small Chocolate Circles with Smaller Candy Circles Atop Said Small Chocolate Circles, they might not sell as well. The point here is this: sometimes the outside of the bag is just as important as the inside.

What I really don’t dig about Limited Edition Razzberry M&M’s is the word “Razzberry.” I’m not sure who these candies are being marketed to, but when I see raspberry spelled with two z’s, I immediately think of Blue RazzBerry Blow Pops and the summer that my father, normally an “I’ll have milk” person, was hooked on Berry Blue Kool-Aid. That type of “razzberry” flavor is usually super sour and unnatural tasting, and the thought of combining said flavor with milk chocolate didn’t get me too excited about trying Razzberry M&M’s.

For some reason, the package asks us to “Get Razzed!”; a bizarre request since “getting razzed” usually means getting teased relentlessly for doing something embarrassing. Being “razzed” is not normally an enjoyable experience.

After I got over my packaging issues, I ripped open the bag and poured the newfangled M’s into my hand. I was surprised at the sight of these strange, salmony/raspberryish-colored sweets: the sizing is quite different from regular M&M’s, resembling Peanut M&M’s that have had the peanuts extracted. The larger size also means fewer candies per bag, which is sort of a bummer.

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