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Candy Review: Woodhouse Butterfly Bars

Categories: Candy,Chocolate Candy,Gourmet Candy

Woodhouse Butterfly Bar

It’s not often that a candy makes me turn to Google for a definition, but that’s what happened when I got these Woodhouse butterfly bars as a gift.

I got two flavors: lemon pink peppercorn, which I could handle, and “Raz el Hanout.” I am pretty sophisticated about world cuisine, but this was unfamiliar to me.

It turns out that this bar is not, say, named after a famous Middle Eastern pop singer, which was my first guess. Raz (or ras) el Hanout is a spice blend used across the Middle East.

Despite years of eating various sorts of Middle Eastern food, I had never run across this flavor, so I had no preconception about how it would go with chocolate. My prejudice lay instead in my previous experience with Woodhouse Chocolates – I decided in the end that they were more pretty than they were my favorite taste experience. Would these be the same?

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