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Candy Review: Squiggles

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Sun-Rype Squiggles

My local grocery store just began carrying a new fruit candy by Sun-Rype called Squiggles. They profess to be 100% fruit twists – implying that the Squiggles are healthy, not just yummy. To me, something called a “Squiggle” just looked fun so I grabbed a couple.

First up, I tried the strawberry. The moment I opened the package I was hit with a strawberry jam smell that made my mouth start watering. The Squiggle was really sticky, so I decided to keep it partially wrapped in the packaging while I sampled it.

I’ve gotta say the strawberry Squiggle was a huge hit for me. It was slightly tart, just like real strawberries, and bursting with a great, complex, real strawberry flavor. I even liked the texture, which is very firm. I thought it was going to be more like a gummi worm but it’s much firmer than any fruit or gummi candy I’ve had before.

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