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Candy Review: Shigekix Aha! Brain Fruits Lemon

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Shigekix Aha! Brain Fruits Lemon
Leave it to the Japanese to invent candies that enhance your brain power! It may sound too good to be true, but don’t you think it’s worth having a little faith about them? After all, what Candy Addict wouldn’t love candies that make him smarter? These Shigekix hard gummi sour candies contain DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid), which is supposed to give your brain a little kick.

Our pals at Jbox were generous enough to send me a box of the Shigekix Aha! Brain Fruits Lemon to review. I must say I believe I like these Shigekix candies a lot more than Brian liked the three Shigekix flavors he reviewed two years ago.

The gummis are quite small individually, with each gummi not exceeding an inch in height. The outer coating is a crunchy, sugary one that provides a nice, crisp bite. Inside is a rather hard gummi. It won’t break your teeth, but you really have to put your jaw to work and chew with determination to soften it up. There is a definite sour sensation once you bite into candy, but it is not face-scrunchingly sour. The gummis leave a nice, citrusy aftertaste. I can’t say that my brain power felt enhanced in any way, but I do think my life is better now that I have experienced these tasty little candies!

Shigekix come in a number of flavors and incarnations, including grape, ume (Japanese plum), cola, ramune, and seaweed. Here at Candy Addict we’re all dying to know how the seaweed ones measure up… but not enough to risk it ourselves!

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Candy Review: Ramune Melon Puccho Gummi

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Ramune Melon Puccho Gummi

Puccho and Ramune are two iconic summer treats in Japan. Puccho is a chewy candy (think Starburst) that is known for the gummi pieces worked into it for extra chew. This particular variety is flavored like melon Ramune, an extremely popular Japanese soft drink.

The bottle is very cool. It’s a blue plastic tube that stands upright, and it’s curvy, like four bubbles that have been stacked upon one another. The illustrations on the packaging show the Puccho characters smiling and winking at you as they balance deftly on clouds of Ramune fizz. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Ramune is a very popular soda brand in Japan and is a quintessential drink for the hot summer months. What would be better to make into a gummi candy that can’t melt in the summer heat?

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Candy Review: Japanese Shigekix – Cola, Grape, and Ramune

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One of the fun things about trying foreign candy with no English writing on the package is that you have no idea what to expect from it. Sure, I could Google it if I could figure out what it’s called, but where is the fun in that? Today’s review is of three different flavors of sour hard gummi candy called Shigekix. I had no idea what this candy was or even what would be inside the bags. All I knew was that each bag had a different, cute, colorful character on the front.

It turns out that Shigekix are small (see picture below for size) gumdrop-shaped (only smaller) hard gummi candies. I know, hard and gummi don’t seem to go together, but that is the best way to describe them. They are harder and chewier than your average gummi and after you chew on them a bit they soften up. Each one starts out with 10-15 seconds of a reallly sour kick and after that the sour diminishes and the real flavor comes out. Even though these are small, they last a while – most of them lasted about a minute, and some I could even make last two minutes if I really savored the flavor.

Shigekix Super Cola
Cola flavor! Oh yeah! I have mentioned before how I like cola-flavored candies, so I was excited to try this one. Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed in it. After 10-15 seconds of intense sour, the cola flavor starts to come out and while it was good, it was a bit too lemony for me and not cola-y enough. Still good, just not as good as I had hoped.

Shigekix Ultra Ramune
I wasn’t sure what flavor this actually was at the time. It’s called Ramune and it is described with the words soda and lemon also. (Since trying them, I looked it up and found out what Ramune is – it’s essentially Japanese lemon-lime soda.) It had a heavy lemony/citrus flavor and seemed to have a very faint mint flavor in the background. This flavor packed the best beginning sour punch of the three and was my overall favorite of the three.

Shigekix Super Grape
The grape didn’t really have a big grape flavor to it – just a hint of grape with the sour/citrus. The grape flavor came out as I chewed and sucked on it, but it never really came out but was stuck behind the sour/citrus flavor. It also seemed to get much sweeter the more I stuck with it – sweeter than the other two.

Overall, these were really fun candies to try. They are totally different than any candy I have had before. They start out sour and end up as a hard gummi. There are actually a few more flavors of Shigeki – I know there are lemon, melon, and peach and there may be more. Of the three I tried, I’d have to say I liked the Ramune flavor the best of the three, but they were all good and definitely worth trying.

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