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Japanese Candy Review: Puchitto Custard Pudding Hi-Chew

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Puchitto Hi-Chew
If you’ve been paying close attention, you may remember me as the reviewer of whom much fun was made when I was taken aback by Pop Rocks in my fancy Chuao chocolates. The illustration on the wrapper of the Puchitto custard pudding flavor Hi-chew might seem to promise similar hijinks.

There is a little brown bean-shape, on which I believe is written ‘pudding flavor,’ and it has little shaky-cartoon-lines on either side, suggesting that it’s vibrating with bean-shaped excitement. And – even more reminiscent of the Pop Rocks experience – the drawing of the candy itself, a cream-colored square with little brown spots in it, shows a couple of the spots MUCH larger, and apparently actually EXPLODING, or at least, popping open with a couple of drops squirting out of the resulting hole.

Unfortunately for those of you who are quivering with anticipation of making fun of my sheltered existence, the exploding effect was nothing like Pop Rocks. There’s definitely something going on though – a little snapping effect that’s fairly impressive given how tiny the round globules are. They don’t contribute a lot of flavor as far as I can tell, but they’re amusing.

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