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Candy Review: Terri Lynn Chocolate Praline Pecans

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Praline Pecans

Unlike a few members of the Candy Addict staff, the area where I live is pretty much a pecan-free zone. Of all the mainstream candies in my area, only Turtles (and their knockoffs) make use of my second-favorite nut, which is a crying shame, since I do live in the heart of maple syrup country – and what’s the point of maple syrup if you can’t match it with it’s natural partner, pecan? (My favorite nut, if you were wondering, is the cashew – and don’t even get me STARTED on the lack of cashew candies on the market.)

So I take my pralines where I can get them. In this case, that meant picking up a free sample bag of Terri Lynn Chocolate Praline Pecans at the All Candy Expo.

Pictured on the package, they don’t look very pretty – odd bumpy objects with inconsistent-looking chocolate coverage. Inside, though, the actual pecans are, minus a few inconsistent spots, as smooth as a baby’s behind. (Hey, don’t most companies do that the other way around?) These things are also HUGE – I was expecting something resembling a chocolate almond, but these look more like largish pebbles.

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