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Candy Art Fun: 2nd Graders’ Jelly Bean Portrait

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Jellybean Teacher

I got this awesome email the other day from a mom who helped her son make this totally cool jelly bean portrait in school. Check it out! (It looks even better the further away from it you are.)

It was done by 2nd graders in at Saugatuck Elementary School in Westport, CT and is made out of 3,500 jellybeans. The students were “inspired by Vik Muniz and all of his amazing works with food.”

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Candy Art: Jason Mecier Profile

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Christina Aguilera Candy Mosaic
I’m not a huge art lover. I mean, I can ponder the meaning of Mona Lisa’s smile with the best of a Communications major. And who couldn’t just stare at Whistler’s Mother for the rest of eternity? But if you had to place me on the art appreciation continuum, I’d definitely fall closer to the-gift-shop-is-the-highlight-of-the-museum. Things changed for me a few months back, though, when I reported on a genre of art with which I wasn’t previously familiar: the Jelly Belly portrait. This, for me, was mesmerizing, and made me wonder what other decadent masterpieces might be out there, just waiting for a keen eye such as mine. And my ravenous search quickly led me to the online gallery of one Jason Mecier.

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