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Candy Review: Chocolate Pop Rocks

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While at Wal-mart a couple weeks ago (the same time I picked up the Strawberry Milkshake Whoppers) I also saw and bought the new Limited Edition Chocolate Pop Rocks. I’ve always loved Pop Rocks and wondered what Pop Rocks plus chocolate would taste like.

The Pop Rocks are coated with a shiny milk chocolate coating, much like the coating on chocolate Whoppers. They taste pretty darn good. You can suck the chocolate off and you are left with just Pop Rocks that fizzle and pop as usual. I was curious what color/flavor the Pop Rocks actually are so after sucking off the chocolate I found that they are a yellowish color but had no discernible flavor that I could recognize.

The only negative is that the pack contains so little candy – it’s a scant 0.33 ounces of candy and all the candy in the pack I had was very small – no big chunks of Pop Rocks. It was just a bunch of Pop Rocks crumbs covered in chocolate. What was there though was pretty tasty though.

Also, if Pop Rocks are your thing, you can now get Candy Cane flavored Pop Rocks too!

Buy Chocolate Pop Rocks online:

Godiva Pop Rocks Truffles

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Pop Rocks

Jasmine over at the “Confessions of a Cardamom Addict” Blog briefly mentions Pop Rocks Truffles from Godiva in two recent posts here and here. I can’t find any other reference to them anywhere online and even Godiva’s Truffles page doesn’t mention them. Either Jasmine is making this up or it’s a well-kept secret. They sound good though. I need to email Jasmine and ask her about it. Has anyone else seen/tried these?

Anyway, she then goes on to experiment with Pop Rocks and she uses them in a cookie recipe she calls PopStar Cookies (the cookies are star-shaped).

I love Pop Rocks – I never thought about using them in recipes – what other recipes would Pop Rocks be good in? I always thought putting them on ice cream would be good but I have never actually tried it.

UPDATE: Jasmine emailed me…..

Nope, not making them up and not suffering from any culinary delusions.

The Godiva in question was the one on Bloor Street in Toronto. They had a sample plate of the bonbons out and, get this, they weren’t for sale in the “pick and choose” case. IIRC, they were part of a box of preselected candies, and I think you only got *one* in the selection…quite unfair…I’m sorry, but I don’t recall what *that* particular collection was called. I don’t think it’s part of Platinum, but I could be wrong.

The truffles they had out had a berry centre, into which the candies were mixed. I don’t recall any distinguishable lumps, so I can only assume the candy was ground to a certain extent. They were enrobed in an ivory couverature with raspberry-red stripes. Similar fizzy truffles were also available in either milk or dark couverature (can’t remember) with orange stripes. I didn’t try the chocolate ones, so I don’t know if they too were berry-flavoured, but The Fussy Eater had one. I just asked him if it was raspberry-flavoured or something different–he doesn’t really remember but he thinks it could have been orange (which would make sense with the colours used).

Now…*I* call them Pop Rock truffles (because of the fizziness)…I’m sure if you ask the chocolatiers they’ll have some swanky name for it…but all of us in the store agreed they were Pop Rocks. I quickly looked at Godiva’s site when I originally posted, but couldn’t find them….

I’ll send a note to a couple of friends who live/work in the area and see if they can either head over *or* call in for the candy’s real name and let you know.

More to come…